"Oh My Man, I Love Him So"

I love my baby boy.  I can not help myself.  I love to kiss and kiss and kiss those deliciously chubby cheeks.  I love to watch him walk like a wicked (as in "super cool") combination of a drunken sailor and John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.  That Cam Man puffs out his chest and struts his stuff....shortly before walking into the wall!  I love all the faces Camren makes--from surprised to delighted to ticked off to contemplative.  His goofy, cheesy grin (with that gorgeous Chiclet tooth) is so stinkin' cute it makes my toes tingle!  I love his big, pretty eyes--light brown, like melted milk chocolate--and I love the swirl of olive green, right in the middle of all that brown, that circles his pupils.  Obviously, I spend a lot of time staring into those dreamy eyes.  I look right into his eyes, and he looks right back into mine, and I tell him I love him.  I swear to you, I can see a light twinkle in those eyes whenever I coo my sweet sentiments.

This may sound kooky, but I came to a powerful realization just a couple of days ago.  While cleaning out some drawers, I happened to find a disc of photos I didn't know I had.  Curious about the contents, I popped it into the computer and began perusing the folders.  I found a picture of Cam and I.  I don't think I had ever seen the picture before.  I do not remember it being taken.  As I looked at it, this overwhelming feeling of warmth and light and joy and "mommy love" came over me.  Clarity struck my mind like sunlight's rays on a large body of water, and the result was dazzling.  I knew.  I just knew that Cam knew me...In that picture, and even now.  He knows I am his mother.  He knows he rocks my whole world. 

And I know--with surety, with conviction--that he loves me too.  


  1. :*) i decided to read a few posts that i don't think i've read yet. this was gorgeous. that photo - so precious. it tells so much.
    look at him just staring at you.


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