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Every other morning, I drive past a construction site on the way to Lilly's preschool.  While in the car, Lilly and I chatter about school, her friends, Meadow (hippie parents?) and Christina, and what's on the agenda for a morning of pre-K learning.  Conversation usually ceases by the time I reach the orange flags; if it hasn't I briefly pause, steal a quick glance, and allow myself a giggle.     

And every other morning, as I drive by I think, "One day, I'm going to take a picture of that."

This past week, that "one day" came!  On the way home from the school I knew, "This is it.  This is the moment."  I had to stop.

There was no where to park that would not get me in trouble with a bearded, pot-bellied man and a bulldozer.  So, being the determined and resourceful gal that I am, I pulled my "pimp mobile" (not really a pimp mobile) into a dead end street and parked outside a baby-pink colored house.  I sprinted across a busy street (which is funny because I DO NOT sprint), and started "hoofing it" in my pretty, taupe ballet flats.  I braved walking beneath a chilly, littered, gloomy overpass, as freeway traffic roared across the concrete above my head.  More importantly, I braved the dirty ol' pigeons lurking and cooing in the rafters of that overpass.  As I walked, I prayed they wouldn't poop on my "Red Berry" hair.

Finally (about a half a block later), I had arrived at my destination.  In front of burly construction workers, several perplexed pedestrians on the sidewalk, oncoming traffic, and dirty, "prone-to-pooping-on-your-head" pigeons, I snapped the following picture...

...of a port-a-potty.

Not just any port-a-potty, my friends, the Honey Bucket.  The.  Honey.  Bucket.  Ha ha!  THE HONEY BUCKET!!  Eew, eew, eew, eew!  Can you believe it?  I've NEVER seen one called The Honey Bucket before.  What a crack up!

Hope your weekend is as sweet as...well, nevermind.
Hap-pee Friday!      


    OH, i am cracking up! because i can so picture you in those cute lil' flats of yours, booking it across the street, dodging busy traffic, all for a picture of the glorious honey pot!!
    so, first thing's first...
    WHY DID YOU NOT TAKE ME TO THE HONEY POT two weeks ago???!
    all the fun we could have had...all the memories...the photographs...
    we could have dolled ourselves all up and had a picnic right there on against that beautiful piece of art.
    aleisha, you crack me up!!!
    i wish i could have been a fly on the wall *or the toilet seat* and watched you in action!!
    i love your determination.

    so, next visit, forget snowbird mountain...
    honey pot it is.

    I love you and hope that you and your loves have a sweet weekend!
    maria <3
    awesome post!

  2. I have never ran into a Honey Bucket port-a-potty. Funny! New follower from Friday Friend and Follow!

  3. Over here we call it a porta-loo. You need to find yourself the Australian film called 'Kenny' and seriously watch it!!! You won't be sorry :)
    Glad you weren't hit by traffic whilst getting this pic, headlines of the local paper may have assumed you were on your way to use the Honey Bucket!!

  4. Ha ha that is pretty funny it's called that! Pretty nasty too :) EWWW! LOL!

  5. Good morning! stopping by via Friendship Friday...and I loved this story! I can visualize every move you made, your writing is great :D I've got to tell you, a few weeks ago, here in Pennsylvania when we had those strong, gusty winds...I was driving home along a route that's forever under construction (we're known for that in PA)...anyway, there it laid, perched across the KFC driveway: THE. PORTA. POTTY. yep, blown over and blocking patrons from getting their finger lickin' chicken LOL :D
    Have a great weekend! ~victoria~

  6. Now the Mr. works construction & we've seen plenty of of them when visiting work-sites but OMG honey bucket!! HA!!& the comment before mine, lucky to never have seen one blown over.Yukky, funny! Dropping in from Joy's FF hop, stop by anytime the doors always open, I am at


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