Thrift Stores, Friends, and...Spanish Mass???!!

Last week, I went to the thrift store with my dear ol' pal, Sunshine.  Periodically, we like to meet up in the mornings for a "Thrift Store Thursday."  This involves digging through stacks of used books, and then purchasing the best ones we find.  We are book worms.  We love books.  And we especially love books that are in "like new" condition that only cost a couple of bucks.

Much to my dismay, Sunny has an "uncanny knack" for picking out the most exceptional books--the true "diamonds in the rough," if you will.  And last week was no exception!  (The twerp.)  Sunshine found a witty and delightful little picture book titled, "Friends Stick Together."  (Yep, you read that right...the book comes with "five cool bandages."  HA!)

 This little "diamond" is filled with humorous, honest, and meaningful sayings about friendship.  Some of my favorites include:  A real friend will let you borrow her nail polish.  Half the fun of pizza is sharing it.  Be patient when she tells you the same story for the fifth time.

I admit, the sweet picture book got me thinking quite a bit about friendship and what it means to me.  How do I define friendship?  Do I value my friends and all their unique gifts?  What does it mean to be a true friend?  What do good friends do?  (Besides go with you to buy secondhand books?!)  Here's what I came up with:

(Note:  Not a complete list!  *wink*)

--A friend is someone who will hop on a plane and fly across the country just to spend a long weekend with you.  Despite being scared to death of not making connecting flights and getting lost in Cincinnati!
--When your sassy daughter asks your friend (who is staying with you), "Can I watch you put on your makeup?," you'll know she's a good friend when she smiles and says, "Of course you can!" 
--Good friends don't even see your zits!  OR...if they do, they lie about it!
--A friend will stand by your side.  Even when you interrupt the spanish session of Catholic mass!  (All because you wanted to see the Cathedral of the Madeline, as tourists, and take some pretty pictures.)  Like a true friend, she'll nervously giggle with you, then slip out the door when everyone kneels to pray.

Mama Leisha and Ms. Maria!
--A friend will wear a smokin' teal dress one day, then give it to you the next day and say, "Keep it!"
--Friends cry at airports when it's time to say good bye.  For now.

Have a happy Tuesday!
Hope it's filled with gratitude for good times with good friends! 


  1. sweet post, kindred spirits are sure hard to come by!! I especially love the honesty "be patient if she tells a story for the fifth time..." lol.

  2. Arh!!! Look at you two beautiful ladies!! You could pass as sisters, with similiar personalities to boot ;)
    I just luv you two to bits and you don't know how happy this post makes me to see a pic of the two of you together, it brought the biggest smile to my face!! You guys are two of my fave friends xx
    How nice of Maria to give you her dress, she is obviously just as I imagine she is, giving and genorous and loads of fun too!! Which is what I bet you guys had this past weekend :)
    I'm sure it was sad to see her go home, but so so great that you were able to meet each other...!! Love it xoxoxoxox

  3. :*) Guess what I'm doing??!!
    Crying, AGAIN!!! this post was wonderful in every way. it is so surreal to be reading a post of yours and see me and YOU TOGETHER!!! IN A PHOTO!! ON YOUR BLOG!!!! IN UTAH!!
    like i said in my post...there's just SO much i could say. i will start with another huge THANK YOU! "thank you for your hospitality!!" (har har...thank you for taking in a little greek exchange student from PA) ;)

    but seriously, thank you. from the bottom of my happy happy heart!
    you, james, lilly, camren, all made UT even more beautiful.
    you were the main beauty of UT. my biggest love in UT.

    i'm so grateful for the experience. i'm so amazed at all i continue to keep learning.

    *btw...kerry's comment is so sweet up above!! she had me tearing up! ahhhh, what do you say we make a pact to visit Australia together in 5 yrs! heyyyy, priceline, baby! ya never know!! :)

    okay, back to your post.
    i loved the book sunshine found. i love that there's a kitty on the cover with the friends. that's just awesome.
    i love that you get bonus bandaids.
    i love what it said about being patient when you're told the same story 5 times. hahaha that's wonderful and touching. and so something i do.
    i love that you thrift shop sweet and fun.

    everything was BEAUTIFUL.
    you showed me more than you know. (oh, that needs to go in my post!)
    james was a trooper and so sweet and kind.
    camren was adorable and smart and funny as anything.
    lilly was my long lost bff forever. i miss her. and her rapping skills.
    sally was so adorable and welcoming (when we clanked teeth together during our kiss! hahaha!)
    your family and parents were just too darn welcoming and funny and "hot!" hahaha
    i was telling Steve about the card game and he was cracking up. i'm SUCH a ditz and he knows it. :)
    i loved fabio and his bloody bird nose.

    i LOVED IT ALL!!!

    and I LOVE YOU ALL!!!


    (taco flavored kisses that is...LOL)

  4. AND YOU....
    you are an amazing, true and dear, sweet friend.
    you've got style.
    you're full of life and energy.
    you're gorgeous.
    you have the awesomest hair. (steve loves your hair, btw...and thinks you're so pretty!)


  5. sweet. I love that. I have a few real friends judging from your criteria. :)

  6. I just read your post and then went over to your cute friend Maria's blog and read her post and now I have to go reapply my mascara. So sweet. You look like you were meant forever to be friends.

  7. The thrift store book picking gift...of all the talents in all the world, that's the one I get?! Sheesh. Good times!


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