Where is Heaven?

Lately, my brown-eyed babe has been asking me the really big questions.  Like:

What happens to you when you die?  (Oh man!)


If a baby is inside a mommy's belly, how does it get out?  (YIKES!)


How big is outer space?  (Reeeeaaallly big!)

A couple of days ago, her inquiring mind wanted to know all about heaven.  What does it look like?  How do we get there?  Who lives there?  We were sitting together at the kitchen table; I was writing a "To Do" list, she was having a tea party with two of her dolls.  She gobbled up a package of Tinkerbell fruit snacks, looked me square in the eye, and asked, "Where is heaven?"


I cleared my throat and said, "Lil...I don't know."  She was quiet for a moment, and I could tell by the sour expression on her pixie-like face that she was not impressed.  Not to be thwarted by her discontent, I tried again:

"Well...When you're with the ones you love, it's right where you are."

She scowled at me and said, "No, really...where is it?"

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!  (No, really...what was wrong with my answer?!)

Being the righteous (as in, rad AND churchy) babe that I am, I believe in heaven.  Absolutely.  I believe in a spirit life that infinitely extends--like a prairie's horizon line--beyond this mortal one.  I believe in angels among us, who work small (and sometimes large) miracles on our behalf.  And I believe that heaven is closer to us than we think.

Lilly asked me if we'll "find heaven" when we die.  I told her we can find a little bit of heaven now--in the beauty that surrounds us, and in small and seemingly ordinary things that make up daily, fragile, wonderful life.  A purple sunset.  A cold Diet Coke.  A small child's laughter.  The first warm breezes of summer.  The seconds after a baby is born.  A fond embrace from a friend.  A bag of potato chips.  A yellow daffodil.  A kiss from a lover.  A heartfelt "I love you."  The smell of a newborn baby's head.  A smile.

And brown eyes.

I can see heaven there.    

Where is your heaven?  


  1. I got goosebumps reading this. Great answer. :)

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    1. LISA!!!!!!!!!! You sweetie pants! THANK YOU! Love you!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading, Claudia, and for always being so supportive!

  4. Really good answer, Mama! They challenge us, don't they? When my Emily was about 5 years old, she asked me "Mama, let's say if a bride wakes up on her wedding day, and prays that it does NOT rain, but a farmer wakes up that same day and prays for it TO rain, which prayer does God answer?"...Well...I told her that is what God's will is all about. He knows what's best. We can pray for what we want, or what we think we need, but we always have to say, Lord, YOUR will be done". He gives us what we need, and MORE! (She is 16 now and still challenges me!)

    Thanks for visiting me over at sleeping in an unmade bed! I am following you now, too! Come on back anytime!

    Vicky @ sleeping in an unmade bed

    1. VICKY!! I loved, loved, loved this comment! And thank you so much for sharing your experience with Emily. It gave me the giggles! Your answer to her was so beautiful and wise too. Thank you so much for stopping by, for the comment, and for the follow. XOXO

  5. Beautiful answer Aleisha!! If I was to say where I see it, I would say that I can also see heaven in the way you love your children (and your great big cheeky smile too!) Luv you friend xo

  6. Great blog! I am following from the Sit and Relax Blog hop! I hope you will follow Swanky Baby too! Have a good day!!


  7. ooo, this post made me smile and cry a few tears.
    lilly is such a bright and beautiful little girl. she's just like her mama!
    i think your answer was perfect and sweet...ahhh, i couldn't agree with you more.
    heaven IS in a cold diet coke...that's for sure.
    heaven is breathing in fresh air. spending the day with a friend, sitting a talking and letting time get away from you.
    heaven is a friend like you. a visit to "the sweet tooth fairy" for red velvet cupcakes.
    heaven is love....
    and of course, taco bell :)

    this post has lifted my spirit...and has me feeling even more eager to concentrate on "the good stuff." i love you, my friend!!
    and i'm thinkin' bout ya always!!
    maria <3

  8. ooohhh,
    and it's also that candle you gave me. can i tell you how much i love it! it smells amazing. i light it all the time and think of you <3

  9. SO happy to link up through Homemaker by Choice. This is a great post. I have three kids and they sometimes ask the HARDEST questions! I can so relate!!

  10. Another one that made tears come to my eyes. My mother died when I was only four years old. (she was only 32)... heaven has always been where my mom lives. It looks just like that picture of Christ in the clouds. I always looked for her in that picture because I was sure she was one of these angels with the horn. Love you dearly!
    Cousin Lora


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