Ode to Siblings!

Siblings.  They are the keepers of our secrets, and the supporters of our dreams.  They are our first friends, our youth's constant companions, our biggest fans.  They teach us about sharing our toys as well as our hearts.  They are there to share in our laughter.  Though they may make us angry, they make us forgive-- And in that we learn pivotal lessons of love.

Siblings.  They are our allies on playgrounds, in school yards, in careers and growing up, in life.  They are the patient listeners of our sorrows and the cheerleaders of our accomplishments.  They are similar versions of ourselves that often make us crazy, occasionally make us cry, but always--in the end--make us soar.

They are the recipients of our hugs, whether they like it or not!

Siblings.  They are the givers of the prize in the cereal box, and the singers of goofy songs on family road trips.  They are the ones who are happy to see us; they are sad when we have to leave.  They are the precious holders of our childhood memories, and the makers of the memories to come.  They are God's sweet gift to us--evidence of his compassion and wisdom.

And we should always remember--in our lifetimes and forever--we are God's gift to them as well.


  1. New follower from weeeknd blog hop! I love following mom blogs. I just started one so I have alot to learn from other blogs. I would love for you to follow me back! Have a great weekend. Your children are beautiful!


  2. Beautiful, beautiful post!! I LOVE the photos of Lilly and Camren. Lilly is so pretty in her yellow Easter. dress! I can't help but want to play the voice notes of the amazing songs she wrote and sang on our drive through the mountains. :)
    Your words make me smile and miss your babes...
    Remembering how funny and sweet and animated they were together!
    I hope that the weekend is treating you all well!
    Thinking of you beautiful friend!
    Ps- I ate Taco Bell last night! :)

  3. I love this post! I had a half brother and never had that connection, but I hope my two boys are friends forever!

  4. Such a beautiful post! I love the sibling love. They are beautiful! This post made me tear up because it makes me realize, or hope, for some sibling love as the kids get older!

  5. Adorable and loving children ~ very creative post ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  6. Very adorable!!! Sibling connection are the strongest :)

    I am a new follower, I hope that if you have time, you check out my blog!!


  7. Aww, sweet post. I love my sisters and am glad I have them. Unfortunately we haven't been able to give our son a sibling yet, but I hope he develops other close relationships to guide him through life.

    I am a new follower from Tuesday Friend & Follow. I also added you on Pinterest.


  8. oooh they are just so adorable! My two boys also have moments like this..although compared to the fights and the wrestling..we can consider it very rare :P

  9. Gosh, you are good! So well-written, and so true! Sometimes it takes a few years to realize how wonderful siblings are, but you are exactly right. :)

  10. BEAUTIFULLY SAID! i love the pictures of your little cute-a-roos! they are absolutely precious! you really have a talent for writing. so beautiful.




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