What To Wear? (And a Giveaway!)

Kooky things happen to you when you are pregnant.

You crave weird things--like nachos topped with hash browns.  You DO weird things--like put your car keys in the refrigerator.  You rearrange all the living room furniture in a hyper frenzy that everyone politely calls, "nesting."  You burp.  You swell.  You ache.  You waddle.  You pant.  You cry during Lowe's home improvement commercials because "let's build something together" is such a "beautiful" slogan.

And you dream at night--really vivid and really bizarre dreams.  Hormonal changes--like a surge in progesterone--make you dream more frequently and more vividly when you are pregnant.  This was true for me, when I was pregnant with Camren.

I dreamed Camren was born with tiny, sharp fangs for teeth.  (It was frightening!)  I dreamed James went to jail for embezzlement, and I was so upset all I could do was eat cookies on my bathroom floor.  I dreamed I was back in school and lost on campus; unable to find my class that would teach me how to be an astronaut.

BUT...my favorite and most memorable dream involved maternity clothes!

I dreamed I was with my ridiculously hip and insanely good-looking dad.  (I had gone to visit him at my childhood home.)  He sat me down in the living room, and in all seriousness said, "We really need to talk.  Your mother and I are fairly concerned about you."

I gulped, and asked, "What's wrong?"

He said, "Well...I don't know how to say this, but...it's your maternity clothes.  They're terrible.  They are out of style.  We're embarrassed to be seen in public with you.  Not to worry, though...I want you to take this money and go shopping for some new clothes."

My dad then gave me exactly $71.34!  After several hours of shopping, I went back to my parents' house feeling downtrodden and glum.  You see, the ONLY thing I was able to find was a pair of leopard-print stirrup pants!!!!!!

Isn't it nice to know that nowadays you don't have to settle for mu-mus or your hubby's football jersey or leopard-print stirrup pants when pregnant?  Maternity clothing has become more hip and stylish and fun.  You can rock pretty duds while rockin' a belly!

Sweetpeamaternity.com is a great place for cheap and trendy maternity clothing.  The quality of the clothing is as excellent as the sassy style.  I love all the patterns and ruffles, the ruching and the small details.  The best part?  The prices!  (If my dad's $71.34 had been real, and not part of my subconscious, it would have gone a long way at sweetpeamaternity.com!)

SweetPea Maternity contacted me about hosting a giveaway; an offer I readily accepted.  They are graciously giving one lovely reader a $25 gift card!  Entering is easy:  Simply follow Mama Leisha via GFC, if you don't already.  (If you do, THANK YOU!)  Then, leave a comment stating you'd like to win.  (Comments regarding your crazy pregnancy dreams are optional but welcome!  *giggle*)

*The giveaway will be open until Saturday, 10:00pm MST.  Winner will be announced April 30.* 

Thank you, SweetPea Maternity, for your generosity! 

For if pregnant chicks are going to eat "hash brown nachos" and cry during Lowe's commercials, they should look (and feel) pretty while doing it!             


  1. I am a GFC follower . . . and I wish that I looked as good as you when pregnant! You are beautiful!

  2. i follow you via gfc and would LOVE to win!!!

  3. I follow you on gfc and would love to win :)

  4. I follow you on gfc and would love to win :)

  5. I follow you on GFC and would like to win!!!!

  6. I follow, would like to win and the weirdest pregnancy dream I ever had was that I gave birth to kittens instead of a baby!

  7. I don't mean to be dumb, but what is GFC? I'd surely follow you there if I could. And I would love to win these maternity clothes. I've never heard of this store and have been SEARCHING everywhere for some stylish maternity clothes to fit me. Great giveaway! mlmiller76 at yahoo

  8. I had a baby a few months ago (and MAN I wish I had known about Sweet Pea Maternity then, because I didn't have much money to buy the EXPENSIVE maternity clothes out there), but I'd love to get pregnant again soon, AND I have two pregnant sisters who I know would love this gift card. =) I'm finding I have very vivid, crazy postpartum dreams as well, but my craziest pregnancy dream was about having my daughter, but she wasn't a human ... everytime I tried to pick her up, she just... evaporated and completely lost her shape. I was so glad to wake up and feel her comforting kicks in my belly. =)

    I followed Mama Leisha on facebook ... is that what I was supposed to do?

  9. I follow you on gfc and am excited for a chance to win! - hitting the frump and feeling blah in everything I put on lately with this big belly..

  10. I am a new follower on GFC and pregnant with #3. I would LOVE to win this!

  11. Me!! Me!! BOTH my younger sisters are currently pregnant. :)

  12. I just found out I'm pregnant with my first child yesterday, and I'm a new GFC follower! I'd love to win so I can be a cute pregnant lady! So far I only have one semi-crazy pregnancy dreaming situation. The other night I was having weird dreams where I was taking home pregnancy tests in about a dozen situations, and they all came back negative. I woke up from my dream feeling disappointed (I was planning on testing that morning) and it took me a minute to realize they were just dreams. So I leaped out of bed (at 5:30am!!) and went and took a test, and it was postive!!

  13. SUBSCRIBED and would love to win this giveaway! Due in september with baby #4!

  14. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I am finally getting to see photos of you pregnant!!! You are adorable!! If I ever see you like that be prepared for me to be creepy and rub your bump! It is so stinkin' cute bc you are so so tiny and then, BAM!!! - baby belly! I love it!
    And you're rockin' a pretty sweet tan in that second photo.
    So crazy, Aleisha (not calling you crazy)...not even just saying this. I JUST woke up and was dreaming about YOU! A crazy dream. I was on a bus to UT! And there was this reallllly weird guy sitting next to me who knew every single city in every single state. And he told me every single one of them. Was rattling them off to me and I was like, please shut your mouth! (But I didn't really) The menu on the bus was from Denny's and I didn't understand how Denny's food was on a bus. Do you even have a Denny's? Hahahaha you're probably. Like, huh?! Anyway, the driver takes a break and all of the sudden you pop on the bus and ask me if you want me to take my bags so I don't have to check them. I'm so confused bc I wasn't flying and why were you in the middle of my trip? Hahahahaha I got up bc I was thinking I could just go with you.
    The dream is blurry from there. But let me tell you, I'm kinda flippin' bc I am going to test today and I have a dream with you in it and then I come to your page and you have a maternity giveaway!!
    Your dream was hilarious. At first I was so sleepy, while reading, I thought your parents really DID do that. LOL
    I LOVE YOU! And your long lost second voice note :)
    Happy Thursday!!!

  15. I'm following you on GFC! So funny that you were talking about how vivid dreams are! I'm pregnant with my first child and had some of the craziest dreams just last night!

  16. I follow on GFC. I would love to win this!! Thanks for the chance.

  17. New follower! Please stop by at http://sassyshoppperreviews.blogspot.com/ and follow back. Great raffle!!

  18. Okay, you are too darling! I love your blog, and your children are adorable. So glad we met yesterday. Your energy and glow are contagious! Too bad we don't live closer--you could sip diet coke while I eat chocolate, and we could talk all about our crazy lives and dreams (even when we're not pregnant!) lol! We will definitely have to meet again.

  19. You know, something tells me that Miss Maria up there could figure out a way to make those leopard stirrup maternity pants work! LOL! This post is so adorable! And LOOK AT YOU ALL TINY AND PREGGERS!!! OMG when I was pregnant with Karina, I swear people were chasing me around town with harpoons! I WAS AS BIG AS A WHALE! MY GOSH! You are adorable, and your stories have me cracking up! These maternity clothes are SUPER ADORABLE! Too bad I didn't know about them with my last baby!!! Wishing lots of luck to all the ladies who are hoping to win!




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