A Winner! A Brawl?

Thank you to all who entered the SweetPea Maternity giveaway.  It was fun reading your comments and thank you to those who shared their kooky, progesterone-induced dreams!

The winner of the Sweetpea Maternity giveaway is Ms. Kelli of "The Newly Mormon Idalifornian."  (Stop by her blog, she's a doll face!)

CONGRATULATIONS KELLI!  Enjoy dressing up your baby bump!

Speaking of baby bumps...Baby bumps eventually lead to actual babies, and babies lead to little people, and the little people of my house have been making me long for cupcakes and trips to a spa.  Translation:  They're driving me to the brink of insanity!

Lately, Ms. Lilly and The Cam Man have been fighting like cats and dogs; like my girlfriends when there's only one tube of a much-coveted Sephora lipstick left in the store; like my creepola neighbor who yells at his daughter in his front yard when she steals his last cigarette.  Eek!  It.  Ain't.  Been.  Pretty.   

Yesterday, as I was lifting Cam out of his crib, I noticed an angry red welt on his cheek.  Curious as to what had happened, I called Lilly to my bedroom to ask her about it.

Mama Leisha:  Lil, look at Cam's cheek.  It's all red.
Ms. Lilly:  Hmm...well that's interesting.
Mama Leisha:  Do you know what happened to his cheek?
Ms. Lilly (averting her eyes to the floor):  Gosh...I don't know.
Mama Leisha (giving "the mom look"):  Lilly?
Ms. Lilly:  I like your hair.
Mama Leisha:  Lilly Mae!  I will ask you one more time.  I want you to tell me the truth, okay?  Do you know what happened to Camren's cheek?
Ms. Lilly, quietly:  Yes.  I hit him.
Mama Leisha:  You HIT HIM!!
Ms. Lilly:  Well, what was I supposed to do, Mom!?!  I got into his crib to play with him and he started doing his karate?
Mama Leisha:  He knows karate?
Ms. Lilly:  YES!!  And he was trying to karate me!

See?  See?  This is what I deal with.  This is why I drink a keg of Diet Coke before nap time!  And this is why I'm contacting the producers of "America's Got Talent."  Because if my two-year-old knows karate, I've got to get him on that show.

One million smacks would buy a lot of diet soda.



  1. I think we need to go get cupcakes then!!! Oh, and of course a Diet Coke!!!
    You are adorable!
    Love, Robyn

  2. Awww congrats to the pretty winner! I'm sorry I haven't been on the blog circuit for awhile! I have so many people to catch up with! Where to start? Well....with YOU, of course! :)

    I am cracking up at your daughter. LOL! KARATE!!! I have to tell you, we were at Home Depot this weekend with our two hooligans, and my daughter loves this plastic wrench from my son's tool kit. So, we let her bring it with us....it's totally appropriate in Home Depot, right? WELL.....my son decided he was going to try to take it from her, and SHE WAPPED HIM RIGHT ON THE FOREHEAD as hard as she could!!!! This led to vicious cries, and blood, and tears. My gosh! All over a plastic wrench!!

    I feel your pain, lady! Now, where is a half way point for these cupcakes? :)

    xoxoxoxo I miss you lady!


  3. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I am laughing out loud!
    I can soo imagine this! And what's even funnier is how Lilly always goes for the hair compliments. :) I love it!
    Oohhh, I miss you all so much!
    And I miss diet coke too. My fondest memories of DC we with you!
    I love you!

  4. Hi! I just stopped by from Blog Hops Everyday (their Friday blog hop) and I just wanted to say how cute I think your blog is! I'm now a follower and look forward to reading lots more!

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