At The Nutcracker

If you take your darling six-year-old to a production of "The Nutcracker"--in an effort to expose her to the wonder and the beauty of "the arts"--you may be delighted by her enthusiasm, thrilled by her enjoyment.

You may also be surprised by the number of questions you hear throughout the performance; questions shouted at you to compete with the swell of the live orchestra.  Questions like:

*Why does my seat have a number on it?
*Why are we watching, "The Nutcracker?"  Is it "Nutcracker Day?"
*Can I have something to eat?
*Who are those people and what are they doing?

*Is Clara's uncle a magician?  Is he a bad guy?
*I'm thirsty, can I have a drink?
*Where is the nutcracker taking Clara?  Do they go to candy land so the mice won't kill her?
*Where is that music coming from?  Oh my gosh, why are people playing instruments in that big hole!?!
*Why does the nutcracker have a beard?

*Those snow princesses are pretty, and they're dancing in snow...but is that snow real?
*Where are the prince's pants?  And why is he wearing tights?
*If she's supposed to be the Sugar Plum Fairy, then where are her wings?
*Dewdrop Fairies?!  They're called Dewdrop Fairies?  That's funny because "do" is one of my sight words.

And the crowd favorite:

*Why is that man dancing like a girl?

Seriously guys, being Lilly's mother is a zippy adventure.  She keeps me on my toes, makes me need regular afternoon naps, and drives me to drink my beloved Diet Coke.  She's funny and exhausting...and absolutely wonderful.

Happy Nutcracker Day!  Hope it's crackin'!


  1. This is Awesome! Your Lilly sounds like my four year old! CRAZY but tons of fun! What an adventure.

  2. hahaha - love it. "Do is a sight word" cracked me up. I am all too familiar with the sight words.

  3. LOL! I smiled the whole time I read Lilly's questions! My favorites were "Where are the prince's pants?" and "Why is that man dancing like a girl?" You ladies looked beautiful and like you had such a wonderful time!
    I hope your week is off to a great start! I love you! Xoxox

  4. I just stopped over from the blog hop and I LOVE this post! I remember seeing the Nutcracker as a young girl and asking a bajillion and two questions while I was there also! :) I'd love to see it again as an adult, I think I'll be able to appreciate it more!


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