Hands and Feet Make Turkeys!

Every year, my little family makes turkeys out of brightly colored construction paper.  And every year it makes me a little weird.  As in, sentimental.  Or, weepy.

You see, in order to make these cry-worthy turkeys you need to trace your children's hands.  These will be the turkey's feathers.

Next, you need to trace your children's feet.  The feet will be the turkey's body.  (Glue the feet together at the heel, with the toes pointing out.)

Glue the hands and feet pieces together to resemble turkeys.  Cut orange beaks and red, "nasty things" (aka waddles) out of construction paper.  Glue them on your turkeys.  With a marker, add eyes and legs and feet.

Ta-da!  All finished and adorable!  (And so easy to make, too.)  We display ours on our pantry door.

Every year, the paper hands and the paper feet get bigger.  And every year, as I trace them, I hate it.  My children are getting bigger!  Their turkeys are getting bigger!  It's a reminder to me that they are growing up, that they won't stay little forever.  I guess it makes me a teensy bit sad.

Thank goodness for Thanksgiving dinner this week.  I'm sure the gravy and the stuffing will ease my pain! 


  1. What a cute little craft! That looks like something I could tackle with stuff I have on hand.
    Growing up reminders make me weepy too. So if that makes you weird, we can be weird together.

  2. If you ever want your turkeys laminated, you just give them to me for a day or two, and I will bring them back all shiny and ready to last a few years. :)

  3. Those are adorable and so sweet to be able to keep over the years. So bittersweet! Eeeks - I would hate to see what my turkey turned out like with my giant frankenfeet...hahaha! That would be one hideous gobbler!! :)
    I love you so much and am so thankful for YOU!

  4. awwwww - what a sweet idea and clever to do that every year. i wood be weepy too. :)

  5. what a great craft for the Turkey season. Do you store you kids art in a special placE?

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