Mama Leisha's Super Duper Bracelet Tutorial!

I love accessories.

No, really.  I loooove them.  I "L-O-V-E" love them.  I love them like crazy.  I love them like a love song!  I love them like I love Diet Coke.  (WOW!  Huge.)  I ADORE adornment.  Give me some big, dangly earrings and I'm a happy girl.  Give me a bright-colored, chunky necklace, and I'm in heaven.  Give me some animal print bangles and a "blinged out" ring and I'll pretty much worship the ground you walk on until the day I die.

Not only do I love accessories, I love to make them too.  IT'S SO MUCH FUN!  My most favorite accessory to make lately is an embellished cuff bracelet.  These bracelets rock my world with their gorgeousness!  Want to know how I do it?

Step 1--You need a plain, metal cuff.  (Check the jewelry sections at the craft stores.)  You will also need a yard and a half of ribbon.  Hot glue the end of the ribbon to the end of the cuff.

Step 2--Wrap the ribbon around the entire cuff--periodically gluing it down.  Wrap and glue and wrap and glue and wrap and glue!

Step 3--Next, you'll need some fabric scraps for making yo-yos.  If you are unsure of how to make a yo-yo, I HIGHLY recommend the tutorial on this website.  I made six for my bracelet.  Each circle was two inches in diameter.

Step 4--Once your yo-yos are finished, hot glue them onto your cuff bracelet.  Like this:

Step 5--My FAVORITE step!!  Embellishing!  Blinging!  Bedazzling!  You can have oodles of creative fun with this step.  Think of all the embellishments you could use on your bracelet.  Buttons!  Beads!  Grandma's old costume jewelry!  Sequins!  Feathers!  Pearls!  Rhinestones!  So many possibilites.  It's a riot!

Several years ago, I inherited all of my grandma's costume jewelry.  A box full of mismatched clip-on earrings has sat on my dresser for forever...  Until one day, I realized I could break the backs off of them and use them on my bracelets.  A stroke of genius, people!  Look at the pretty end result:

Use a hot glue gun to glue your buttons, beads, jewels, etc. to the top of your yo-yos. have a pretty, unique, eye catching piece of jewelry.

(Here's an Instagram pic of a bracelet I made for a friend, for her birthday.)

Wouldn't these make the most fantastic Christmas gifts for your girlfriends?  You could make them as different as your friends are, and to fit their various personalities.  But then again, why give them away when you can keep them for yourself!?       


  1. Now if these are as good as diet coke, I must try! It turned out really pretty!

    1. Yes, yes, Lisa! You must make one! And then you must wear it and sip a Diet Coke at the same time!! That would be heaven. HA HA!

  2. Holy cow! Love it! I also inherited some fun crafty things from my grandma. She made porclin dolls and their I got all the lace, ribon, fabric, and buttons one could ever hope for. Now another fun thing to make with them. :) Thanks

  3. You must be getting a lot of compliments on that one!! Gorgeous!!! Truly an inspiration! Thanks for linking up to what inspires me Friday. Love ya!!

  4. Wow those are super duper fancy!! Love them!

    Thanks for sharing with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :)


  5. Oh my, I would absolutely LOVE one (or 16) of those. Sadly, I am much too lazy to ever make one for myself, so I'll have to look and see if I can find one on Etsy LOL.

  6. Very cute! I know just the person who would love these!

  7. Over from lovin' the weekend -
    These are totally gorgeous!! You got yourself a new fan, love your blog :)

  8. Okay, I have to admit, when I saw this post in my google reader I wasn't stoked. I thought, meh, another DIY craft post.
    But then I checked it out and holy cow. Those really turn out amazingly beautiful.
    I stand corrected and impressed. Well done!

  9. I love these lots! thanks for sharing!

  10. Wow, those are amazing! I love DIY and arts and crafts! Thank you so much for sharing this idea! I am going to have to try these out.

  11. Hi Aleisha!

    I discovered your blog through Find + Follow Friday! It's so cute and fun :) I'm now following on GFC and will definitely be back :)

    I just started my own blog about a week ago (so excited and can't wait for my proper design to be finished soon - by the way, I think your design is fab!)

    I look forward to reading more of your blog :)

    Lauren @

  12. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that blue/ivory/vintage-y bracelet SO SO much!! i love it like a love song too - lol - now that damn song is going to be in my head! ;)
    and the one you made for your friend is so fun and so you - reminds me of the earrings you made us!
    super cute and super talented, mama leisha. <3
    i love you (like a love song)

  13. I love it! Thank you for the inspiration! Will have to make one myself and share with my readers - thanks again!

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