Fly On The Wall

(If you happened to be a fly on my wall,
I wonder what you would discover.
A crazy, hormonal pregnant lady,
and her odd conversations with her lover.)

Me:  Ugh, I'm sweating!
James:  What?  You hardly have any clothes on!

Target.  Two crazy kids, one "floating" pregnant belly.

James:  Why are you yelling at me?!  I haven't done anything!
Me:  I'm not yelling at you because I'm mad at you, I'm yelling at you because I'm starving!

Me:  Hooray!  Hooray!
James:  What is it?
Me:  I pooped!
James:  I'm leaving.

Me:  I need your help.
James:  With what?
Me:  I need you to help me pull my pants up.
James:  Seriously?


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