Sexy? Nope.

Have you heard India Arie's new song, "Cocoa Butter?"

Wooo-weee, that groove is smooth!  Sultry vocals.  Hip swaying beat.  Catchy tune.  Sexy lyrics.  I immediately liked it when I first heard it, and have been repeatedly playing it ever since!

Something funny happens when I tap play and crank up the volume.  Like the other day...

I closed my eyes (as I listened and danced), took a deep breath, and found myself transformed by the record.  Suddenly, I was soulful and sophisticated.  I was fetching and flawless.  I was the voluptuous woman in the slinky gown with the gorgeous body.  I was the woman on the Venus Embrace commercial with the legs worth coveting.  I was at a cocktail party.  I was on a yacht.  I was smokin'.  Confident.  Camera ready.  Rockin' Louboutin heels and fire engine red lips.  I.  Was.  Sexy.

My reverie vanished like a puff of smoke when I felt gentle tugging on my pajama pant leg.  I opened my eyes and was "whooshed" back to my kitchen.  My reality.  I found the muffins were burning.  The sink was full of dirty dishes.  I looked down and there was Camren--trying to get my attention, trying to tell me something.  I stopped swaying and asked, "What is it, Cam?"

"Mommy," he said, adamantly pointing at my belly, "It's big."

(Because that is what he's been doing lately... pointing at my pregnant belly several times a day, vocally reminding me of it's growing size.)

"You are right, Cam," I replied, wearily, but with a smile.  He grinned and ran off to play with his Matchbox cars.  I am not sexy, I am tired, I thought.  I am pregnant.  My legs are not "Venus Embrace" legs, they are swollen.  I am an obscure mother in a small, cluttered home.  

And it is okay.  Maybe more than okay. 

I sighed--ready for a nap--and thought about how I could use some actual cocoa butter for my stretched-out, itchy belly.  I turned back to my burning muffins and my messy kitchen.

But not before hitting "repeat."                   


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