GD Won't Beat Me

If you were "blessed" with a wicked sweet tooth--savoring warm, fudgey brownies, relishing in the marriage of caramel and chocolate in a Twix bar, embracing the beauty of a pint of delectable Ben and Jerry's--and then are told you have gestational diabetes, a number of things will happen:

(Getting tested.)
1.)  You'll cry and cry.  You'll realize you had just purchased a Kit Kat bar the day before your diagnosis.  You'll cry additional buckets of tears as you watch your kids share that Kit Kat bar.  You'll eat almonds and string cheese between sniffles.

2.)  You'll get mad.  You'll hoot and holler about being hungry.  Your husband will be afraid of you.

3.)  You'll get scared, worrying about your baby's health and whether or not she'll grow as large as a watermelon inside your uterus.  You'll quiver with thoughts of complications during delivery of "watermelon baby" because, OH MY GOSH, babies have to pass (usually) through vaginas!!!  You'll hyperventilate into a brown paper bag.  You'll worry about C-sections.

4.)  You'll get depressed,  resorting to unplugging your phone and your flat iron because, hey, why bother doing your hair?  The only public place worth doing your hair for (because doing your hair is exhausting) is the local donut shop.  And you can't go there!  You'll wear ratty, bleach-stained, worn-in-the-butt pajama bottoms and watch lots of Friends reruns.

5.)  And then, after you've grieved the loss of sugar and carbs, and have allowed yourself time to "process" and to "feel what you feel," you'll decide to make the most of the situation.  You'll pull up your bootstraps, snap out of it, and go to work.

You'll start with your not-so-pretty, self care diary--the booklet where you record your ketone test results and your blood sugar numbers.

You'll cover it with card stock paper and decorate it with washi tape.  You'll add bling--because bling makes everything better--and a sticker that reads, "this is life."  Because this IS life for you right now.  And though it may have it's challenges, and though hard days may lurk around the corner, it's still mighty beautiful.  Like your self care diary, you can make it beautiful.

Next, you'll tackle the "prettifying" of your One Touch Ultra Mini meter.  (Who you affectionately refer to as, "Lovely Rita, Meter Maid.")  If you have to finger prick and check your blood, you might as well make your supply pouch pretty.

In a "light bulb" moment, you'll realize that prettifying seems to be an effective form of therapy for you--uplifting your spirits and making you smile.  Things don't look so bad when...well...when things don't look so bad.  It's about making the most out of a situation by doing what makes you happy.

If you have a wicked sweet tooth, and then are told you have gestational diabetes, you'll probably feel like life handed you a wheelbarrow full of lemons.  An infamous, age-old adage would encourage you to make some lemonade.  I would say, No!  Don't do it!  (There's sugar in it, and Splenda leaves a weird aftertaste.)

Instead, I would say...

When life hands you lemons,
you BEDAZZLE the crap out of them!  


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