I See You

Picture this:

I am standing beside the electronics counter at my favorite store, Target.  I've got one child in each hand so we form a delightful little family chain.  I don't have a cart (BAD!) because I only needed one item.  I'm on a mission:  Get in.  Get out.  Get home.  Crack open a Diet Coke.

Ms. Lilly and The Cam Man are antsy and anxious.  They attempt to run in opposite directions, and would probably succeed in escape if not for my "grip o' death" on their teensy fingers.  Cam screams, "Wanna cookie," and does his best impression of a limp noodle, while Lilly barks like a dog.  (Sheesh!)

The red-shirted employees behind the counter are swamped; they are "full throttle" busy.  Two men are on phones trying to track down video games.  One young woman is behind the register.  All I want is for someone to unlock the video game cabinet so I can grab "Paper Mario" and go.  I wait and wait my turn.

A dapper man steps up to the counter.  He's wearing a blue dress shirt and dark slacks.  He's tall and built like an athlete.  His chompers have obviously been whitened.  He's the proud owner of a ridiculous swagger.  He reeks of Calvin Klein's "Eternity."  As I watch him, I envision myself whipping out my Christmas scrapbook paper, making a glittery gift tag for him, and taping it to his broad chest.  It would read:

To: Women
From: God

"Who would like to unlock a game cabinet for me?," he asks, all dashing and debonair.  He smiles and his right cuspid sparkles...*TING!*

I watch as the woman behind the register turns to him, meets his smoldering gaze, giggles and says, "Oh!  I can help you!"


I envision myself bouncing up and down like a pogo stick, and waving my arms above my head.  HELLO?!  HELLO?  It's my turn!  I've been waiting!  CAN ANYONE SEE ME?

In the midst of the holiday madness--the "hustle and bustle" that leaves us spinning--are we remembering to see the people around us?  Are we being nice?  Are we being considerate of others?  Are we remembering to smile, to use our "manner words," and to be patient?  Are we paying attention?  Because when we see people, when we are sincerely kind and compassionate to ALL those we come in contact with, we become more like the man whose birth we celebrate this month.  We begin to love as He does.

With that thought, I envision a new gift tag...

To:  The Man Who Cut In Line
Merry Christmas!
Love:  Mama Leisha


  1. I just love the way you write! You crack me up. :)

  2. Great post Leish!! See, I've shortened your name like a true Aussie cause we're more than blog friends now that I GOT A PARCEl FROM UTAH!!!!!!!
    You didn't get seen because you're the nice, polite, non-invasive patient one who isn't intimidating like Mr Smooth who will always get what he wants but probably never what he needs, which is love and adoration like I have for you!!
    Thankyou so much, mine is a little late in being sent but keep your eyes peeled for a New Years Aussie care package :)
    Merry Christmas my sweet friend xoxo

  3. ohhhhh, no he didn't!! ;)
    you're so sweet, mama leisha!! i had such a visual of lilly and camren. and of the dude, of course. i LOL when you said he smelled of "eternity." steve wears that cologne sometimes!! i say you keep that tag handy if you have to make another run or two or five to Target (for yeti chapstick) between now and Christmas!!!
    those photos are beautiful. the one of them playing "hide n' seek" - ADORABLE!!!!
    you're ravishing, aleisha!!!
    love hugs and smooches,
    tacohead <3

  4. Okay, what you are saying is that I have to use my "manner words" more often? Really? Do I have to? Just kidding! Great reminder....and I must use the "manner words" lesson for my girls because they are being naughty to each other.......not nice!

  5. This post had me giggling. I love your humor! You have a way of writing that gets my attention. I hope you eventually got someone to help you. I am visiting from Thirsty Thursday!

  6. Hahahah, ain't that always the way! People should help people with kids first, for everyone's sake!!

  7. You said it perfectly ~ to see each other with compassion ... that's what life's all about (and having a good sense of humor as you do definitely helps). Hope you and your family have a wonderfully Merry Christmas!

  8. Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahha! Oh my gosh! So funny!!!!!!! That ALWAYS happens.to me (minus Mr. Handsome). I can just picture the whole scene, and totally imagine what I would have done. :) you are right tho. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ, so really your "new tag" says it all. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Xoxoxoxoxo Kelly

  9. New follower from the Super Stalker Hop. I love your posts! I can tell already that I'll be a frequent visitor here. You can find me at Hardly a Housewife: http://hardlyahousewifeblog.com.

  10. I just got back from last minute shopping and I must admit I wished the cashier merry Christmas but no one else. Thanks for the reminder to be kind even when the Christmas Chaos is here, and for the laughs. Merry Christmas Aleisha.

  11. I'm already a follower but I'm stopping by from Monday Mingle. I also have a hop going on right now if you're interested in joining! www.adeliciousobsession.com

  12. We went out and about on Christmas Eve and at Jewel alone, there were 3 angry customers getting into fights with employees because of their situations. It was crazy!! We have to remember the spirit of the season, the reason we're celebrating in the first place!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  13. This reminded me of why I did most of my Christmas shopping online. Stopping in from the blog hop. I'm a new follower and WILL DEFINITELY be looking forward to your posts.

    Bri @ Ramblings of a Southern Mama

  14. What a wonderful reminder to love others and see them as Christ does! Don't worry, I 'see' you Aleisha and I think your blog posts are off da hook!-)

  15. Love it! New Year, New Follower here. I'm new to blogging... check out my most recent blog if you would like. http://mrsblessedlife.blogspot.com/2011/12/16-months-old.html

  16. Wow. You painted that picture so clearly! It sounds like you were in a Target commercial! Ting!


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