Love and Math

 (Hip hip hooray, my little brother got married yesterday!  After a tear-filled ceremony, friends and family met for a lovely wedding luncheon.  The banquet hall was decorated like a "Christmas romance"--complete with holly berries, greenery, candles, white lights, and a Christmas tree.  It was fifty percent magical and fifty percent dreamy!  I wrote a poem for Tyler and Danelle, and my sweet sis, Erika, read it with me at the luncheon.  Just thought I'd share it here!)

(A Love Poem)

Once upon a time,
but not very long ago,
a boy met a girl in his Math class,
and his love started to exponentially grow.

She was the perfect equation
of beauty and charm and wit.
Cupid ran out of arrows in algebra;
he threw a textbook, and the boy was hit.

It didn't take long for this dazzling girl,
to reciprocate all of his love.
They dated and kissed and had lots of fun,
people said, “They fit like a glove!”

Not even a homeless Math teacher
could keep one boy plus one girl apart.
Division was futile; they were inseparable.
Love multiplied in their hearts.

Then one day, the boy measured his heart,
and found at the square root of it all--
The girl with the socks that never matched,
would be his bride, and the jeweler he'd call.

His question was, “Will you marry me?”
Asked by their beloved tire swing.
She solved the proof, by saying, “Yes,”
and donned a wedding ring.

And now we celebrate a marriage,
with snow and joy and laughter.
ALL are grateful Ty and Danelle came together,
to live happily ever after.

Just one final, poetic thought,
from an older and wiser sis--
I've been around, I've learned a lot,
And the moral to the story problem is this...

People will tell you love is about Chemistry or Biology,
and whenever I hear that I always laugh.
What people don't know is that you can find your forever
in something as boring as Math!



  1. What a clever wordsmith you are!
    I can't read this without visions of:
    1) TyTy and Danelle smiling and "In Love"
    2) YOU giving the luncheon crowd a "whoop-whoop"
    3) your lovely ruffled "FITTED" blouse...

    I can't wait to read what you come up with next!

  2. yay! it worked out! the poem is fun! so glad you have a genius friend that suggested it! ;)

  3. Hi! amazing pictures. Popping in from "Finding New Friends" Hop :)

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  4. I so love the banner image. Very beautiful! It really put a smile on my face! I am also your new follower. You can visit me at Make sure you leave a comment so I know you visited.

    Have a great weekend

  5. Awe, that was the best poem ever! The pictures are too cute! love it!

  6. I loved that! You are truly amazing my beautiful friend.

  7. What a beautiful poem! New follower!

  8. You write the sweetest, most thoughtful and clever poems!! I love it!! The photos are so crisp and beautiful! That one of you and your brother is a framer!!! Gorgeous! You look so much alike! I love his boutonniere!!!
    Her dress is stunning!!
    You are stunning!
    So glad you took in an amazing day with the ones you love!!
    Sending all my love to you!

  9. Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Go Leish! You Rock! This is an amazing poem and you and Erika presented it so PER-FESSION-ALLY! Love you girl!! Aunt Cindy-Lou.

  10. COMPLETELY ADORABLE!!! I love the pix in this! I seriously cried reading this poem. I love all the mathy humor, and the way it flows. You're quite the writer, Mamma Leisha! :) I really love December weddings (probably because mine was in December). There's something about the snow...cold weather...that smell in the air of "all heck is about to break loose" (our wedding day was a weather disaster!!!). Congrats to your little bro and his adorable wifey! xoxoxoxoxo

  11. Great photos!

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  12. You are awesome to write something as cool and clever as this and then read it out!! What a great sister you are :)
    Love the pics and you guys are so very cute!!
    I wish them a lifetime of unconditional love and happiness together..and I wish you, my beautiful friend, a Merry Christmas!!
    I <3 U 2!!
    Mwah :)

  13. What a GREAT poem!!! Loved it!!! I'm a new follower. I hope you can check out my blog sometime!


  14. I love your blog!!

    your newest follower :)

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