On My Mind!

What's been on my mind lately?

For starters, I've been thinking about this necklace:

Isn't it fantastic?!  Imagine my utter delight when one crisp morning I ventured out to my mailbox to find that a package from the east coast had made it's way to ME!  My girl, Ms. Maria--a special friend, a spicy-hot lady, and fellow blogette--thoughtfully sent some "love" my way, in the form of a pretty bracelet and THAT necklace.

So, I've been thinking about how much I love my new necklace, and how much it obviously loves me.  It just might be the start of a wondrous, long-term relationship.  (Thank you, sweet Maria!)

What else?

I've been thinking about how big nosed people (me) should NOT get big zits on their big noses (mine) because...well...they just look big!  It's really unfortunate.  (Grrr...)

I've been thinking that the thing I most positively love about kids is that they're crazy!  One minute they are sitting complacently in their car seats, enjoying a bit of thumb-sucking (Cam) and listening to the Christmas tunes streaming through the speakers (Lilly).  The next minute, everything changes.  In a blink of an eye, they're foaming at the mouth and screeching at the top of their lungs--throwing sippy cups, kicking legs, and yanking on seat belts!  It really is the darndest thing.  But I love crazy.  Crazy makes life more interesting.  And fun.

I've been thinking about the profoundly moving and timeless movie, "It's A Wonderful Life."  (Well shoot, isn't Jimmy Stewart handsome in that film!?)  Every holiday season I watch (and bawl through) the whole thing!  One of my favorite quotes from the film comes from the whimsical angel, Clarence, who says to the down-trodden George Bailey, "Strange, isn't it?  Each man's life touches so many other lives.  When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?"   Goodness, that's beautiful!  And true.  Sometimes I wonder if we really know how far-reaching our influence is.

Lastly, I've been thinking about my life in general; my abundance of blessings and the preciousness that surrounds me.  It IS a wonderful life!  (Despite nose zits!)  I've got "crazy" children and kind friends.  I've got dreamy Mr. Stewart on DVD.

And did I mention that necklace?
It's pretty fantastic.


  1. Beautiful necklace and cute kids! And I saw 'It's a Wonderful Life' for the first time a few years ago. Love it!

  2. Awww Aleisha!!!!!!!! The necklace is GORGEOUS on you - just like I knew it'd be!! I'm so glad that you love it and I'm even more glad our paths crossed! You're too sweet...you really are!! I got all bright eyed and smiley when I opened your page and saw that picture right away!! So happy we met!
    And I have to say, it looks AWESOME with you eyes and against black. It really pops!! You rock it well pretty lady!!!

    crazy is GOOD. It is so good! Where would any of our lives be without any crazy in them?! And I too love crazy kids - they make me laugh and it's refreshing! How cute is Cam in the tub!! I LOVE his hair! Omygoodness!! I can tell he's havin' a blast!!

    Ugh..zits. I had one the other week that I made the mistake of messing with and lemme tell ya, it got me back and multiplied in size and was as red as rudolph's nose. I go to bed sometimes with toothpaste on my face bc I heard it dries em' out. (And Steve thinks it's sexy.)
    I don't see one little zit on that sweet face of yours!!

    Well, now that I left you a novel comment, I'm gonna say goodbye for now and wish you a wonderful day...and a continued crazy, wonderful life!
    Sending all my love to you!

    (ps-if you don't find any yeti chapstick @ target, I will pick you up one if there are some left ;) we all need one. Lol)

  3. Hey Aleisha, I'm Sarah. I'm new to your blog which I found through Blog Hop Thursday. I am following via GFC. I love your blog and the way you write, you seem so bubbly and your posts are so much fun to read. Oh and that necklace is so cute. I love it and yes it does love you also. As far as zits go, they just suck period, regardless of where they are. I've had 2 this past week, not too big, but big enough to see and be emabarassing in public. They started out as those kind of zits that are under the skin that are really painful. I hate those things! Anyway, they are going away finally. So, I would love for you to stop by and visit and hopefully you will become a new friend and follower. Have a wonderful Thursday evening and Happy Holidays to you and your family.



  4. You are SO CUTE!! You must take after your auntie! Love you!!!!!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by today.
    I'm already following you.
    I am going to Google+ you.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. You crack me up!! I love reading your blog! Thanks for linking up and sharing! you should totally be a guests on Blissful and Domestic in January!

  7. Hi!!!! Maria is beautiful isn't she!! You know, I have not seen that film so guess where I'm going today? That's right, Blockbuster!!
    Lovin' the blue necklace, very pretty!! Looks great against black.
    Crazy certainly is awesome at times, sure beats boring ;)
    Oh and you have a place alright...in my heart xo
    Have a wonderful day Utah!!

  8. That necklace is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING on you! Did she make it? It is fabulous! I want one! And I hear you about the zits . . . ug. PLEASE go away before Saturday! Please! And I sure love that little Cam. He is so handsome!
    Love you!

  9. Maria, you are one fashionista!!! Leisha, let me tell you....Maria has the BEST accessories! For reals, she buys something new (and somehow totally on fire sale) and she can make anything work with any outfit! And she has the biggest heart in the whole wide world! <3 <3 <3 I LOVE the pix of your baby in the tubby. The hair is so super cute xoxoxoxoxoxo!!!!


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