Meet Sally

The most peculiar thing happens to you when your in-laws call you and say, "Hey, we're going to be in your area.  We're picking up a puppy from a Dachshund breeder, and were wondering if you'd like to go with us."  You say, "Heck yes," against your better judgement; you know in your gut the outing spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  Within minutes, you find yourself (with your hubby and kids) in some strange woman's home (could she be a hoarder?), canoodling the world's most adorable puppies.

And then, somewhere within the deepest recesses of your brain, a wire short circuits with a Snap! Crackle! Pop!...AND YOU BUY ONE.

I am certain I have lost my mind.

I have been the clueless owner of a mini-Doxie for two days now, and I have to tell you...I AM EXHAUSTED.  I am ready to run a Diet Coke IV through one of my veins.  I am ready to curl up in the fetal position, in a corner in my kitchen, and mutter incoherently.  (Oh wait!  I don't really have a clean corner to have a nervous breakdown in...THE DOGGY HAS POOPED IN ALL OF THEM!)  I'm ready to put those damn Keebler elves out of business with all the cookies I've been stuffing in my mouth.  I'm ready to put an ad in the classifieds:  How much is that doggy in Mama Leisha's window?  It's FREE!  It's FREE!

Puppies are hard, hard work--requiring oodles of patience and time.  I admit I felt a bit overwhelmed today; wondering if I'm up to the challenge of training a dog, questioning my abilities, worrying the attention our puppy requires would "spread me thin" and make me a lousy mom.  My musings resulted in several tears and a visit to my Christmas stocking, to retrieve the Watchamacallit candy bar McHubby had put in there.  After taking a moment to myself to "pull it together," (and after licking the chocolate off my fingers), I decided I had been pushed to the brink and that the pup would have to go.  I went into the next room and saw this:


Meet the newest member of our family.
Lilly wants to name her Sally. 


  1. I was shocked to hear that you and James decided to get a dachshund! I got really excited and jealous. I don't envy the fact that you have to train the puppy, but I do envy the joy and fun you'll have with the puppy. It's still a shock that you and my parents have sibling puppies. That's awesome! Congratulations!

  2. Ha! Weak moment at the breeders house mmmm?
    Don't worry, puppies are just like babies. After they finally learn how to sleep through the night and stop pooping on the floor and chewing on everything you'll be fine. Worst case 5 years. Good luck!!!

  3. Mini D's are totally cute! My sister has two, Buddy and Lilly (;-). They can be "bossy" like most little dogs, but they're AWESOME snugglers. Learning dogs' signals for play and for stress are important with Mini D's because Daschunds are prone to nipping, especially kiddos who get right in their face, stressing them out. But this usually isn't due to a "bad dog". So training your daughter is a must, too! :) Definitely hard work... We're training our 4 month old puppy right now, too. Crate training is SUCH a blessing and eliminates poo clean-up faster than papers! At 4 months (we got him at 3), Winston is 85%+ trained. Search out "crate training" on It's their own little "cave"! GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!

  4. I feel your pain - we just got a boxer puppy for christmas. She is exactly the same age as my son - 14 weeks! I swear it is like having twins. Last night I was up more with the puppy than I was with my infant!!

  5. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


  6. They look so cute but definitely hard to maintain...she looked so happy!!

  7. Visting from a blog hop, she's adorable! And I love her 'name' so cute. Have a fantastic new year. :)

  8. My first attempt at dog ownership ended up in me returning it after 15 minutes. I was at the Pet Smart on my way home and called back SOBBING (out of stress). The second attempt ended lasted 24 hours. She was a rescue in a foster rescue home. I took her back SOBBING (out of sadness that I seemed not to be a dog owner). The third attempt lasted two weeks, and I sold her to some woman while I was out walking her. No sobbing this time, just feeling stupid. My fourth attempt, I flew out to Ohio and flew back standby--just the stress of the flights undid me. Then my sweet friend had me go to her home for two weeks so I could learn to adapt and it's been almost bliss ever since. By comparison, attempt #5 (my second current dog) was slick. It just takes time, I guess. I feel for you; but I need to come play. I could stand to smell some puppy breath! :)

  9. I am a new follower from Fun Friday blog hop, would love a follow back at Having a dog is just like adding a child to the house, but like the kids there are alot of rewarding moments after you go through some growing pains. Try this, hang a bell from the door that u use to take the puppy out EVERYTIME you take him to go out to use the bathroom take his paw and hit the bell them let him out. I did this and my Vizsula who is now 3 and is like having a small deer. He was trained in about a week.

  10. Oh my goodness gracious!!!! Now, isn't that little dog the cutest little thing in the ENTIRE WORLD??? I dont' think I could have made it out of there without one of those puppies on a hot dog bun! hahahaha :) Puppies are, they train pretty quick and are so worth it (unless they are super stupid like my dog). I'm ganna need more pictures, lady! :) Now, I want a puppy! :) That last picture of your daughter with Sally is just the cutest thing!

  11. Ahhhhh, I just had to stop by and pay you a visit!! I've been thinkin' about you so much and haven't been on blogger the past few days. Sally is ADORABLE!!!! Omygoodness, she is so tiny and loveable!!! Congratulations on the newest member of the McD family!! I bet Lilly and Camren are in love and so happy...what a fabulous gift for this time of year!!
    The photos are so sweet...she's a lil' brother loves dachshunds!!! I will have to share these pics with him!
    Awww, you will be an awesome doggie Mama!!! I hope things are going well!!!!!!
    Tons of love to you!!! Xoxoxoxoxo

  12. Ohhhh, and a diet coke IV....I so would love one of those right now!!!! :)

  13. Visiting from Letters to Mo! We just got a puppy, which makes two dogs, plus one 9 month old. In-sane! But lots of fun too. :)

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  15. Sally is adorable! Looking forward to more pics as she grows up! Thanks for stumbling into me & happy 2012!

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  16. Hi! Thank you for your sweet comments and following my blog. Most of all, thank you so much for linking up at the New Year New Followers blog hop. :)

    Sally is just so tiny and cute! I love puppies. :)

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog. Happy New Year!

    The Chrancy Family

  17. Dogs ARE hard work. But the rewards, oh, the love and fun. They're so loyal and loving. Good luck to you!

    Also, I LOVE Whatchamacallit bars and my husband FILLED a stocking with them for me this past Christmas! He bought out the entire supply at Old Navy! He said they were looking at him like he was crazy!

  18. oh my gosh, that's so cute! Good Luck to you. It will get better. And a very Happy New Year to you and yours!

  19. ohhh puppies! we have a little one and don't ya wonder if it ever will get better and the learning will stick? haha! following you from life made lovely, hope you can pop by and visit me, too:)

  20. Awww. Puppies are definitely a lot of work, but if you put in the effort (and patience!) early on like this, you'll have an amazing member of the family for years to come. It's worth it!

    (Found you via the Single Parent Retreat Monday Hop and am following you now. Nice to meet you!)

  21. Dogs are a ton of work, but worth every last second!

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