Deja Vu

Do you remember this picture?  It was taken in February 2011.  (And yes, Camren IS wearing his sister's old Tinkerbell pajamas.  That's what happens when life resembles a pile of poo-poo and you get REALLY behind on the laundry.  When you're just trying to take care of your family and survive the poo-poo, everything else--like a date with your washer--becomes low priority.)

Do you remember this post?  About my little man biffing it in McDonald's and breaking his tooth?  It was awful; warm, salty fries from Mickey D's couldn't even provide comfort for a stressed out, energy depleted mama!

Look closely at this picture, taken just a couple of days ago.  What do you see?

That's right...The infamous "Chiclet" tooth is broken AGAIN!  AAAAHHH!!!!!!!

Honestly, the ONLY positive thing I can say about this "toothy ordeal" is that I get to go back to Dr. Babe's office.  And well...he's a babe.  (In a "He-should-do-Crest-commercials" kind of way.)  By this time tomorrow, Cam will have a brand spankin' new crown.  His teeny, tiny baby tooth is becoming a very expensive, teeny tiny baby tooth. 

I just might make him keep it forever.


  1. Aww, he still is so cute either way! My oldest little guy has a slightly cracked tooth. The same one tooth, except it's smaller and on it the other side of the tooth. lol, BOYS!

  2. Imagine how much that thing is going to be worth to the Tooth Fairy!! Lol
    Oh no, glad it can be fixed though (does this Dentist look like Hugh Jackman just like your Gyno did in your dreams?)
    Sending lots of love your way xoxo

  3. So was a visit to Dr. Babe's office the reason for the sassy purple eye shadow? I loved it! You kinda made my heart pitter patter with those eyes. Love you!
    Poor Cam. I hope he is doing okay. Give him a squeeze from his little lady Shayne. She was so cute, when I got her out of her car seat after talking to you, she said, "Who's that?" I said, "Who is that?" She said, "Aweisha" I asked her if she loved Aweisha and if she was her buddy. She said, "Yeah, I yuv Aweisha buddy." She loves you too!

  4. Oh no! Sweet little broken toothed face. Once it falls out you should make it into a necklace and force him to wear it every day until he pays you back for the excessive dental work. Would that be weird?

  5. Thanks so much for joining Flock Together this week and following Mom’s Best Nest . I'm already your happy follower :)

  6. Kerry's comment just made me smile and laugh!
    Ohhh, you and Camren have been in my thoughts so much! I hope he's feeling better and back to himself again! (You too!)
    It sounds like I need to make a dr and dentist appointment in Utah and check out all their hot-ness! :)
    Hope your hump day was a happy one!! XOXOXO
    I love you!


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