Happy Heart!

This sweet picture makes my heart happy!

Would you like to know what else makes my heart happy?  Laughing and talking all night with McHubby.  My new pink nail polish and the name of the color:  "Casanova Is So Into Me."  Good looking dentists.  Cam's new "Chiclets" teeth.  Strawberry cupcakes.  Lays potato chips, of the "baked" variety.  Heart-shaped ice cubes.  Pretty smelling lotion to make me feel all girly after I've been cleaning my toilets.  Blue skies and walks to the park...in FEBRUARY.   Puppy kisses and cuddles.  All the love, support, and comments I receive from so many wonderful (and witty) readers of this blog.  (You bless my life more than you know and I appreciate every one of you.)

Have a lovely, "happy heart" kind of Thursday, dear friends!



  1. YOU bless my life. The photo is gorgeous!! So are you (and your Dad ;)
    I'm loving the red lipstick...your outfit, and awesome hair.
    I hope that the week has grown better and better each day! And that Mr. Chiclet is feeling bueno!
    Te amo!
    Lots of love and hugs!

  2. Gorgeous picture!!

    I love coming by your blog. It's so real, fresh and honest. You are just wonderful.


  3. Just reading what makes you happy made me smile! (BTW - you have an amazing smile!)

    I found you through Mommy on the Move's Blog Hop. My friend, Christine and I started a brand spankin’ new blog and are looking to connect with some bloggy friends! We are now following you on Google Friend Connect and would love it if you would stop by and check our blog out! We are looking for new followers on Facebook - if you don't mind following that way. Comments are always welcome – let us know what you think!

    Thanks - hope you have a great Friday . . . I think I made need to make a list of things that make me happy just so I can keep smiling! :)

  4. Well...it looks like my partner in crime made it here before me today! But I couldn't just hop on through without leaving a comment about your cute blog and beautiful family! You look like just the kind of Mommy that would get us at More Than Mommies. Janene and I have both been blogging for a while but have decided to take a step together for our new blog! And as Janene mentioned...we are following you! ;)

  5. Hello! I found your blog on Clumsy Coquette Friendly friday blog, not that you need more followers but I really enjoyed ready your blog, it took me back to when my kids were young-and not TEENAGERS like they are now. Stop by my blog if you want its http://bridgetsdaughter5.blogspot.com

  6. And I love that you remind us to love the little and big things alike in our own lives.

  7. lovely photo, late visit for mommy moment, i hope to see you at http://www.prettysinglemom.com/2012/02/granny-niece.html


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