Tags From Heaven

I hate doing the laundry.

Those who know me, and those who read my "hot-bliggity-blog," know that I detest doing the laundry.  I've made reference to my contempt for it a number of times.  I do not enjoy keeping tabs on every pair of white socks in my household, especially since my dryer seems to consume most of them on a weekly basis.  And don't even get me started on the folding!  Oh boy, oh boy, folding the laundry makes me crazy.  It's tedious, like math homework.  It's dull, like the sound of Larry King's voice.   (That man looks like an owl!)  Laundry is an endless household chore--one that is never done, over, complete, finished!  That is why it is the proverbial pebble in my polka dot shoe...or Tide infused sock.   

Sadly, I have a lousy relationship with my washing machine.  Don't get me wrong, I AM grateful for it's modern convenience.  I would never have made it as a pioneer woman.  (First of all, NO mascara.)  I couldn't have handled scrubbing clothes against the rocks of a riverbed.  And the rinse cycle probably would have been icy cold in that mountain water.  Yikes!

I suppose part of the reason why the "GE Super Load Capacity Washer/Mama Leisha" relationship is so lousy is because we can't seem to get away from each other; to catch a break, to gain some space.  It seems my washing machine and I are always hanging out--a girls day in, if you will.  She says, "Oh!  Hello again."  And I say, "I really need to get out more, this is starting to get monotonous."  (And alarming, since I'm implying I believe my washer to be:  a.) female, and b.) alive.  I may need to talk to someone.)

Imagine my delight when, in the middle of my "Laundry Day Lollapalooza," I discovered a "tag from  heaven" sewn into my dark-denim skinny jeans.  (Side note:  I am a crazy, compulsive "tag checker."  I wholly rely on them to guide me through the ins and outs of properly caring for clothing.)  Right there beneath "no bleach" (no duh) and "tumble dry low" is a sweet little message to break up the monotony of the rinse cycles, and to put a smile on my otherwise ornery-looking face:      

What a lovely remainder!  Something to soften my heart, the way my Downey "Simple Pleasures" dryer sheets (in lavender) soften my towels.  And speaking of towels...

I've got folding to do.


  1. Good morning! Ruth from Shopping Tips and Tricks visiting you from the Weekend Gathering Blog Hop!

  2. This is hysterical! I think I would have peed myself if I saw this. And I know what you mean with laundry:) hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I want a pair of pants that say that! not only good for laundry days but for when you put them on! :) hard to look in the mirror and not feel good that your wearing your "God Loves You" pants.

  4. Following you from the HOP! http://www.gbedwright.blogspot.com/

    WOW! I LOVE that tag! Where do you get jeans with labels like that?

  5. Oh I love love love this post!! What a sweet unexpected message you found awaiting you :)
    I am so with you on the washing, the folding ugh!!! I had to laugh though when you spoke of your relationship with your washer, hahahaha we ALL need to get out more lol
    I have mountains of it daily, where does it come from? I often ask myself that question.
    Unlike you though, I don't read the tags, maybe I should? Maybe I'll find one with the instruction 'Do not wash' and then I won't hahaha. Seriously, I won't.
    Happy folding my sweet as the smell of washing powder friend!! Luv u xo

  6. Awww! What a nice thing to find inside your jeans while tackling your laundry!
    I can't say I find anything that pleasant when doing mine and the Mr's. Lol
    Usually, I find and keep loose change and singles from Steve's work pants, along with his collection of chapsticks (that I usually end up washing along with his clothes...OOPS!)

    I love when sweet signs like that come @ just the right time!
    I need some of those jeans! :)
    Hmmm....maybe you can point me to where I can find a pair...
    (Girly squeals!!!)

    Yay! :)

    Love you!


  7. Hmmm... why doesn't my laundry tel me God loves me LOL. I would love to find a little note while doing the dreaded laundry. I think I will have to right my own.

    1. Thanks for sharing at Bacon Time! Hope your laundry is done, mine is certainly not.

  8. What a lovely note, AND they were made in the USA... Imagine that!!!

  9. We loved having you join us at "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." We hope you'll be back next week! -The Sisters


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