If you ask Cam, "Where's your button?," a wide smile slowly spreads across his little-boy face.  He lifts up his shirt, pokes his belly button with a chubby finger, and laughs happily.  It's adorable, and I love it!

Now, if you were to ask ME, "Where's your button?," I would NOT lift up my shirt to show you.  Nope.  No how.  No way.  Not ever.  I've had two BIG, watermelon-sized babies (I'm not even kidding about that) and thanks to my pregnancies, my belly button is now a deformed, stretched-out, mutant of its former self.  (I know, don't think about it too much!!  It's gross!!)

What I would say is, "Oh!  If you go to callmemamaleisha.blogspot.com, you'll find a tab labeled 'Buttons.'  The tab is right below the picture.  Click on it!  That is where you'll find my button!"  Ha ha!

It's true!  I have a blog button.  My little ol' blog-a-roo has been in existence for almost a year now.  I figured it was time to create a button...or two!  If you read "Mama Leisha," think "Mama Leisha" is wacky-doodle, or would just like a "Mama Leisha" button to put on your blog, then by all means...TAKE ONE!  I'd love it.  (Just wish I could give you a chocolate chip cookie and a can of Diet Coke to go with it.  I mean that!)

A final note-- My blog buttons are free of charge.  Unlike a peek at my "real" button, which will cost you. Your eyesight. 


  1. hi, new fan!

  2. i grabbed me one of your nifty buttons and will be putting it on my blog :) super cute!
    you are too much!! there is no way your belly button is a mutant hahahaha
    i will be patiently waiting for my choco chip cookie and ice cold diet coke ;)
    just had way too much taco bell and way too much diet coke! eeeks!
    happy weekend!! <3

  3. I will grab your button for sure!! Will do it later, I'm using my phone...too much fiddling on this. I would be proud to display it!!

  4. Hahahahaha totally awesome!! It was a taco bell kinda night I guess. A few other friends had "the bell" as well!
    Hope your weekend is a wonderful one!!

  5. Hi there! following you from the hop! Hope you can visit and follow my little blog! ;)



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