A couple of weeks ago, Kristina at Peaches Reviews notified me that I would be the featured Smiley Hopper for her weekly "Smile With Me Saturday" blog hop!  Hooray and what fun!  I'm excited to have this opportunity and just wanted to thank Kristina.  Happy Weekend and Happy Hopping! 

First off, smile with me :) You made it through another week and deserve a big smile. You've got the whole weekend ahead of you so make it a good one!

This week's featured Smiley Hopper is Aleisha from She Calls Me Mama Leisha!!

I asked Aleisha a few questions about herself and her blog so you could get to know a little bit about her.

1) When did you first start blogging? Why?
I started blogging about a year ago. I have the most hilarious four-year-old. I was constantly sharing funny stories about her with my dear friends and family. Several people asked me if I was writing them down. When I replied, “No,” my loved ones said, “You really should. People would enjoy reading them.” That is what got me thinking about starting a blog. Plus, I've always had a passion for writing. My blog is a creative outlet for me and I enjoy sharing it with other people.

2) What's your favorite part about blog hopping?
That's an easy question to answer! I sincerely enjoy meeting new people out there in "Blog Land." I especially love connecting with other women. Through our trials and our triumphs, we are able to relate to one another. Women have an uncanny ability to do that! When we relate to one another, we start supporting and encouraging one another...even if it is cyberly!! Plus, blog hopping is such a stellar way to make new friends...and you can never have too many!

3) What's your favorite hobby
Eating chocolate chip cookies! HA! Goodness, it's hard to pick just "one thing" or an "absolute favorite." My favorite hobbies would include reading, writing, biking, going on picnics, traveling, crafting, gardening, and spending time with my family

4) Who's your role model?
I deeply respect and admire Mother Theresa. She strongly believed and taught that we should "leave people better than we find them." Her beautiful life was a message of faith, compassion, service, and love. Also, my mother is a terrific role model for me. She has always been an excellent and loving mother, who wasn't afraid to run through the sprinklers with us when we were kids!

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