Why I Live Here 

The rugged and rocky terrain.  The steep, jutted cliffs.
The streams and waterfalls
that carve white, ribbon-like paths down the mountain face.
The smell of pine sap.  The sound of river rapids.
The cooler temperatures at a higher elevation.
The closer I feel to God.

Something interesting happens while traversing mountain trails.  
I start to think about how small I am in the big, wide world
--but how significant I am, too.  
I count my blessings.  
I smile at the chipmunks.  
I don't mind the wind in my hair.  
I turn my face to the sun.
I think about climbing every mountain.

Why I Love Him

He is climbing mountains with me. 



  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! And my goodness, I would love to live there! How beautiful!

  2. Happy Anniversary, what a lovely post. Big Hugs!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you!! this post is amazing. and where you live...amazing!!! i have always wanted to take a vaca there. i love mountains. i like them way more than the beach.
    such gorgeous pictures...i wanna jump right into them! and chipmunks, wow...you sold me :)
    you are such an inspiration!
    lots of love to you!!

  4. *gasp* beautiful post. That ending, wow! And your scenery...jealous!! ;)

  5. Beautiful. Gorgeous pictures! I would love to live in the mountains. It's so refreshing.

  6. WoW Amazing view! New follower from Just Cuz Hop! :0) HAve a great day!

  7. happy anni!
    i've never been to the top of a mountain before! so cool!
    new follower.. from bee friendly blog hop!


  8. Found you on the Social Parade... your mountain and your writing are beautiful.

  9. This makes me pretty jealous! I have no mountains at all where I live.

    I'm a new follower & like the looks of your blog! Looking forward to reading more. also, love the title of it, as I hope to be 'momma' to my 6 month old.


  10. So lovely :) Thanks for linking up!

  11. Such a touching post, thanks for sharing.

  12. UMMMMM, so i found it!!! this post!!! ahhhh, and now i'm crying again! my comment...how stinking crazy that less than 7 months later, here i am....just a day from leaving our visit!!
    seriously, this is crazy, dude!!!

    ANDDDDD HAHAHAHAHAHA i just read kelly's comment and busted out laughing.
    looks like she in fact, DOES love utah and its beauty! hahaha! i'm going to have to tell her about this. :)

    happy anniversary a few months early!! lol
    i love you and mr mchubD!

    i'm gonna keep my eye out for those chipmunks next time ;)
    and seriously, how beautiful are these mountains.

    i'm finding us some chains and tires
    and will be there tomorrow!!


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