Frosty and The Power of Lipstick

I think Lilly has a multiple personality disorder.


There.  I said it. 

It's just that she's been acting "coo coo ca-choo" lately!  Her new favorite activity is to put on a frightening amount of lip gloss (I'm talking about GOBS, people) and run throughout the house hollering, "Frosty is back!  Frosty is back!"  ("Frosty" is the alter ego??)

Alarming, right?

When she is "Frosty" she prances on her toes, up and down the halls.  She growls like a Gremlin.  She talks like a robot circa 1985.  She becomes wildly boisterous.  She laughs maniacally.  She slides down the stairs on her belly.  She jumps off the night stand in my bedroom.

When Lilly grows tired of these "funny farm" shenanigans, she calmly strolls into the bathroom, wipes the gloss off with a piece of toilet paper, and says with a serene smile, "Frosty is gone."  She goes back to watching Dora the Explorer.  When the lip gloss is gooped on, Frosty is back.  When the lip gloss is wiped off, Frosty is gone.

Being the obsessive and analytical "Mama Leisha" that I am, I have thought a lot about Lilly's new-found hobby.  (Better to spend time pondering than to spend it Googling specialists in my area who are used to handling this sort of thing.)  In all my thinking, I made a surprising discovery.  (Besides coming to the conclusion that my kid is normal.  Squirrely, but normal.)

I can relate!

I can totally relate to Ms. Lilly!  When I am Queen Sweat Pants--looking out over my domain of sticky floors and windows that need to be washed--I feel a little glum.  When my hair hasn't been washed in a week and my t-shirt is grubby and filthy, I get a case of "the blahs."  When my face is "makeup free" for an extended period of time,  I start to feel like the Kraken.

BUT with a lipstick as hot pink as Barbie's corvette, or as red as a chilli pepper, I can conquer the world!  I step a little lighter.  I prance on my toes too!  I get out of the house more.  I smile at the boy bagging my groceries at Smith's.  I laugh more.  I feel good.  I feel pretty.  And there is power in feeling pretty (aka being "Frosty") and in doing something nice or special for yourself; like applying lipstick.  (Side note:  That's the key--doing something nice or special for yourself, so you feel...well...nice and special.)

I act more confident.  I hold my head a little higher.  I face monotony with a sultry pucker.  ("Take that, Monotony.  Mwah!")  I can grocery shop with crabby kids and change diaper blowouts.  I can keep my gagging to an absolute minimum when my son hands me his booger.  I can tackle laundry and fix dinner and play tag and build blanket forts and clean the oven with zest.  When my lips are smokin' like a four-alarm blaze, my attitude is smokin' too!  I can do anything.

Even jump off my night stand.



  1. Ha ha ha ha! So true!! Oh, the power of make up! You would be so proud of me . . . I just returned from my first shopping trip to Sephora!! AHHH! It is like make-up heaven there! It was amazing. Now I have to come up with a way to make some more money so I can buy all the beautiful things I want. :)
    Love ya!

  2. oh my goodness i love this post. ok, i love all of your posts!! but you and i are meant to go lipstick shopping together!! and might i add, you look amazing in that picture and i love that shade. how awesome. i know what she's saying. frosty is the person to be. i literally have been thinking about this all week. and funny enough, this post reminds me of my someday *redneck woman* post hahahaha not calling you a redneck AT ALL!! you will see when i write it. lol, but isn't it amazing to just put some color on your face and instantly feel like Superwoman!!? i always do. my mom doesn't get it. a lot of friends don't. but i love me some make up. i love me some dolly parton. she rocks. put it all out there and be yourself.
    you rock and your rock that lipstick like it's nobody's business...and so does lilly :)
    happy thursday to ya!!

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  4. As MM said in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days...''go frost yourself'' he may have been talking about diamonds then, but in your case it's lipstick!!

  5. Oh I can totally relate to Frosty! I picked my son up from Reading Camp today looking like a total train wreck, and I felt like garbage. I don't even think I made eye contact with the other parents. This evening I ran to the store with my hair fixed and some make-up on and held my head high. I need to release my inner Frosty more. Frosty power!!!

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  7. LOL! Nice post!

    Found you on the blog hop! I’m your newest follower!

  8. She's too cute!
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  9. Just wanted you to know that you are featured today at Kidding Around Friday! Come on by and link up again. :)

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  11. I love feeling like Frosty! but I do feel "blah" sometimes too! I can totally relate. When you are all washed, dressed and put some make-up on, you feel on top of the world...unstoppable!

  12. Thanks for your sweet comment! You made MY day! Thanks for reading :)

    And don't be concerned about "frosty." Noelle likes to look in the full length mirror in our room and pretends that she is the ballet teacher and her reflection is the ballerina. It's hilarious - but sometimes I secretly wonder....

  13. I absolutely love and adore this post!! I agree with you 100%. Way to go and look at things in such a pleasant light :)

  14. LOL, that's hilarious! I can't wait to see what shenanigans Colin (and his imaginary future sibling[s]) get into!

  15. Love it, too funny. Thanks for linking up at Bacon Time. I too feel more powerful in lipstick and then there is my best friend, my partner in crime, my favorite push up bra. ;)

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