Fire and Sass

Ms. Lilly has "fire"--a sassy spunk that curls my toes with utter frustration and makes me want to jump and shout, "Hooray," at the same time.  She is fiesty.  She puts her hand on her hip often.  She walks the runway (that is, the shag carpet in my living room) with a diva attitude and a "don't mess with me" flare.  She happily answers to, "Your Highness."

I love it.  And I hate it.

I hate it when she cops serious sass and informs me that she's moving to the neighbor's house:

Me:  Raul and Bertha's?  They are very nice, but they don't speak much English.  Do YOU know Spanish?
Ms. Lilly (eyes rolling, of course):  NO, Mom!  But they have a dog.

I hate it when she tells me I'm not her favorite parent anymore.  (Punch-in-the-gut insulting, right?  Especially when you consider my competition....McHubby?  Really?  HE'S the better parent???)  Or when she accuses me of not loving her anymore:

Me:  You bet I love you, Lil!  What would make you say such a thing?
Ms. Lilly: didn't get me any apple juice.
Me (irked):  You didn't ask!!

I hate it when she dumps the dirty laundry all over my floor, coaxes Cam into the hamper, then immediately blames HIM for all the mischief:

Me:  So...Cam did this all by himself?
Ms. Lilly:  What can I say...he's a crazy baby.


I kind of love it when she scrambles up our bulky, age-worn sofa with those skinny legs; climbing until she is perched on top of it like a baby chickadee.  She slowly stands and surveys the toy-cluttered landscape of the living room.  Then, with a flick of her ponytail and an over-the-shoulder glance at Camren (who is sitting on the floor), she yells, "Watch and learn, baby!" 

And then, she jumps. 

My little girl leaps from the couch and lands in an impressive Tom Cruise-esque "tuck and roll" that resembles a stunt from a Mission Impossible flick.  She shows no fear. 

I believe her fire--her ferocity--is what gives her the courage to take that leap.  As she grows and matures into a lovely, smart woman, I hope she never loses her fire.  When she is told she's not good enough, when she feels she's not pretty enough, when she wonders and worries, when she loves and loses, when she doesn't make the grade, when she feels lost or down-trodden, when a man breaks her heart, when disappointment outweighs hope on life's scale, I hope she climbs high above it.  I hope courage and strength and a unabashed belief in her own magnificence will give her the confidence to jump; to overcome her unique challenges.  I hope she'll remember to say to the world, "Watch and learn," because God did not send her to earth to fail.

With a little bit of faith, she'll soar.


  1. Wow!! This is an awesome post, it has such wonderful meaning...I love how she blurted out "watch & learn"
    You sound like an excellent, FUN mummy and your daughter will probably inherit your awesome personality and sense of humour :)
    As for the candy and pepsi, after 10am is acceptable lol and those Hollywood beauties probably didn't eat any breakfast anyway!!
    Have you been receiving my reply emails because I'm starting to think I have been doing it wrong...when you comment on my blog and I go to email you back it says noreply probably think I haven't been responding :(
    Anyhow, I'll fix it.

  2. That is beautiful and so funny too. Thanks for coming to Bacon Time. We seem to live similar lives. I deal with pepperoni in my dryer of clean clothes and Juice boxes used as a whoopi cushions by my toddler, no joke. I too love diet coke my first choice for soda however coffee keeps me from selling my boys to a circus. At least we always have free entertainment as parents, even if it's the kind that makes us go grey. Love your comedic style, sometimes if I don't laugh I'll cry. I look foward to more.

  3. Great post. I like the little girls a little feisty, hoping it means they'll stay tough and never get taken advantage of! Girl power and all.
    Stopping by from the weekend hop.

  4. "Watch and learn baby"! This post. I loved it. I hope hope hope she keeps her fire as well. She's one of the lucky ones with a Mother like you to remind her of it when she does get bombarded by life.

  5. haha- i can totally seeing her doing all of it. :)

  6. I think most of us Mom's can relate LOL. You have an Adorable family!

    Stopping by via Circle of Friends Blog Hop and now Follow on GFC :)

    I also co-host a Weekly Wednesday Block Party Hop if you're interested in joining us..

    ~ Jill

  7. this is SO BEAUTIFUL! it made me laugh OUT LOUD and made me tear up a little. i love how independent your little mama is. and I LOVE HER SASS!!! hahahaha! my son is crazy, sweet, and full of fun. my daughter, albeit 11 months old, is gonna be the one coaxing my son into the hamper one day i'm afraid.

    hope you have an awesome weekend!!!

    ~ Kelly

  8. Sassy is what daughters are even when they grow up. Thanks for linking up for Footloose and Fancy Free:)

  9. Be still my beating heart you and your daughter are beyond precious and so glad that she is sassy and spunky and you love her just the same!!

  10. Oooh. She is a little monkey that one. I'm a new follower from the Weekend Hop at A Spicy Boy, A Cat, and My Fat Ass. Please follow me back and feel free to drop by Horseshoes anytime.

  11. This is soo precious! I have a spunky/sassy little munchkin too so I could relate to this whole post!

    New follower from the Circle of Friends Blog Hop

  12. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! I so loved your sassy spirit in high school!

  13. OMG I love her! What an awesome little chicklet you have. I was so excited to see your comment on my ever-changing (bipolar) blog that I had to run over and see if you had a new post up. I've been in back-to-school land all day and hadn't had a chance to check (read: stalk) your blog yet. I love this post. And of course you're on my Super Faves list, crazy lady! :)

  14. Those pictures are so super cute!!! New follower...can't wait to read more!


  15. I have tears in my eyes reading this beautiful post. I stopped by via the "Not So Moody Monday" hop, and I'm now following. You voice your passion for your daughter so beautifully, and really, it's what we all wish for our children; that their unique spirits are able to withstand the pressures of the world, and that we can help give them the strength to be themselves, and to see themselves... with all their flaws... as beautiful.

    I absolutely LOVE your blog, I love your passion and sense of humor, and I can't wait to read more!

    Wishing you and your beautiful family the best.

    Smiles, Jenn

  16. Aleisha, I love how you can make me laugh and cry all @ the same time with your amazing posts. You have such a way of proclaiming your love for your children. You are such an inspiration for all mamas and hopeful mamas. The photos are adorable as always as are you and your daughter! Lovin your headwrap!!
    Hope your week starts off sunny and bright!

  17. So sweet :)
    She seems like a little spitfire. I love that!
    Girls can be so much fun! I have five daughters, all so very different.
    I've had a few storm out the door to go live with the neighbors. What is it about the neighbors that looks so enticing, anyway? Mine don't even have a dog. And I've had a few tell me I'm the meanest mom ever. I usually just roll my eyes when they say that. The meanest mom ever? Yea, sure I am. @@ <---- my eyes rolling. Girls are drama. Lots of drama. And since I'm a girl myself, I kinda like that :)

    They All Call Me Mom

  18. She and my daughter would get along great! Or, maybe they wouldn't b/c they're too much alike. ;) I have the exact same pictures on my blog back in June!!! Except my face and my daughter's face. I'm following you now from a Monday hop.
    Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

  19. Sounds like how my daughter is going to be when she's older! haha. I'm a new follower from the Monday Monkey hop. Hope you can stop by!

  20. Hello!
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    I hope you had a great weekend!
    -Sonia G.

    I love ur little girls she's super cute; and you look so happy! Those are awesome pictures, thanks for sharing.

  21. Absolutely adorable.

    I'm following you from the Monday Mingle. You can find me at!

  22. I love this!! I just had a moment like this with my 3 yr old boy. He was fighting sleep, kicking and flopping, pulling my hair, needed a drink, wanted the "baby song", wanted to go to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, kicking me again, and finally got his toes tangled in my hair before I finally spanked him...he cried, rubbed my arm, twisted his hand in the strap of my tank top and fell asleep with his head buried in my chest...I love him so much!!! New follower from Monday Mingle!! ;)

  23. Beautiful pics!

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  24. That was so beautiful! I hope she keeps her fire too:)

  25. I love this post! My own daughter has that same level of fearlessness, so this post and your wishes for your daughter really struck a chord with me! :)

    Thanks so much for dropping by the Be-Bop-A Blog Hop! I'm a follower and I hope you'll stop by again soon! Have a great day! :)


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