Guest Post: Back To School

I'm thrilled to be having my dear friend, Sunshine, guest post today.  Since her post is of a "back-to-school" nature, I thought it would be only fitting (and funny) to upload some of my school pictures.  A few words about the pictures:  I cannot justify my hair.  Also, I had man-brows until I was in college.  And don't knock that red sweater--it was my favorite.  Remember, I was a product of the 1980s.

Sharpen your pencils, it's time for school!  AND HAVE A SUNNY SUNDAY!

(Cue music: "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year)  

That's right kids your days of firing off rockets for the better part of July...OVER.  (Yes, I'm still holding a grudge for those of you wondering.)  Eating enough junk food at the local amusement park to kill an African elephant...GONE.  Tan lines from living in your bathing suit for 3 months...VANISHED.  It's back to school you go.

This year, I get to hold my head up high and join the ranks of "carpool moms" across the country as my oldest daughter begins kindergarten.  I'll let you in on a little secret:  It's just about killing me.  Let's face it, I don't know this new woman in our lives--this new kindergarten-teacher person.  Will she know that my young-un is just learning to ride her bike (and as a side note here, for all you kids out there WITHOUT training wheels I would like to remind you that you had to start somewhere, and if I have to hear one more of you tout your two-wheel awesomeness to my 5-year-old we're very likely going to have a good-old-fashion Mommy smack down right in the middle of the side walk where I call you a name and stick my tongue out so bad your face will probably fall off.)

Anyway, where was I...oh yes, kindergarten teacher...will she know that the princess doesn't like mushrooms, that she has a high tolerance for pain and a low tolerance for little brothers?  Will she know she gives her dolls names that make no sense what-so-ever, or that a princess band-aid has miraculous healing powers?  Does she know that spot on her knee that, when squeezed, sends her into hysterics, or the fact that one of her toes is just slightly crooked in it's perfect-little-girl way.  Will her teacher know that she loves toe-nail polish, her Daddy, and cotton candy more than anything in the whole world?  Sigh.

This is my problem.  I've had the last 5 years to learn all these things and why am I suddenly feeling like it's somehow going to be different?

So, to all you other seasoned veterans.  Help.  When you see me in the hall, curled up against the wall, clutching an abandoned brown bag from the hyperventilating, tears coursing down my cheeks as I watch her new Hello-kitty back pack disappear into the public school system, could you hand me a kleenex and offer a hug?  I just recently read the book The Peach Keeper by Sarah Allen Addison and the following quote has been following me around like the smell of unopened crayons and big pink erasers:

"We're connected, as women. It's like a spiderweb. If one part of that web vibrates, if there's trouble, we all know it, but most of the time we're just too scared, or selfish, or insecure to help. But if we don't help each other, who will?"

I solemnly swear that next year, mine will be the first hand you'll see,

(Carpool extraordinaire and exhausted, frightened Mommy) 



  1. Following you from the Silly Sunday Hop! Hope you will check out my blog
    Have a great weekend!
    MariaS Handmade-Love

  2. Yes, Sunshine, we will learn those cute things in record time :) maybe not all of them, but we'll also learn some things to share with you, too. She'll be fine. Its the moms we have to watch out for ;) love yoU!

  3. Hi, I am following you via the blog hop. You have such a great blog!

  4. What a fantastic post! I will be hopping over to check out more...Thanks Mama Leisha for hosting Sunshine :)
    And from one mum to another, you WILL survive. Eventually.

  5. Aw! I'm not there yet! But my sister has done it 3 times and she survived!!

    What cutie pie pictures!!! ;)
    Thanks for your comment on "A Pie for Healing". Gotta love like there's no tomorrow!

  6. I feel the pit in my stomach Sunshine! I have been there and let me tell you, it doesn't get easier. Okay maybe a little bit as they venture through elementary. But it comes back a vengeance as they go into Jr. High. But you will survive and so will she. I promise.
    And now to make a little comment on you Mama Leisha (I know I can cause I am your neighbor and I know you love me), you look like Blossom. Has anyone ever told you that?

  7. You know what? I'm an elementary school teacher and I feel the same way each year when I send my sweet girl off to school. Speaking as a teacher--we do learn those things...and more! Speaking as a mom--it's so hard to send them off into that new world, but somehow we survive!

  8. I'm a new follower..stopped by from Monday Monkey blog hop..would love for you to stop by and check out my blog.

  9. Love your blog! Please take a look at my blog and follow!

    XoXo Nicole Mariana

  10. Love this post....very sweet. There is something magical about kindergarten teachers...they seem to all be so special. I have yet to meet someone who doesn't remember their Kindergarten teacher's name. They leave a tender mark on a child's heart...I am sure she will be in great hands! Good Luck!


  11. Oh my gosh!!!! I really know how you feel. This year, I am sending my little munchkin to Pre-K. It's only a few days a week, but I am DYING inside! I swear! Yesterday, I was literally thinking about all of his little "quirks" and trying not to get out a flow chart and fill in how it all works for his teacher. I don't want to be "that" mom, but how is she gonna know all the things that make him tick? Ahhhhh!!!!! I'll be with a big fat Dunkin' Donuts and a box of tissues on back to school day. Be thinkin' about ya! {{btw, I'm stalking you from my friend Maria's blog always good to know where your stalkers come from - hahaha}}

  12. what a wonderful post, sunshine! i'm wishing you and your daughter lots of luck in this new chapter. i love your writing! totally made me lol @ your stick your tongue out mommy smack down! you tell em! ;)
    wishing you a wonderful school yr with your daughter!
    and aleisha!! awesome awesome photos!! thank you for sharing! your earrings rock and that vest in the last picture...i had one just like it!!
    hope you're doing well mama!

  13. What great pics!!! I love it!!! Hope you're having a fabulous week..... :)

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