Church and "Cats"

Ah, Sunday.

A "day of rest" that always seems a bit chaotic (and "unrestful?") for my little family.  We are often rushing to get to church.  Someone (of the "under four feet tall" variety) is usually taking their church clothes off right as we're about to walk out the door.  Someone needs to poop, someone needs a snack.  Someone needs their hair combed, and someone throws a fit.  (Uh...okay, that would actually be me throwing the fit.)  By the time we slide into a pew I'm already upper-lip sweating.

Something strange happens the moment we say "amen" to the opening prayer:  my little tots turn into apes.

Then, my juggling act begins!  I juggle sippy cups, coloring books, and finger puppets in a resolute attempt to keep order in the Lord's house.  I juggle animal crackers, sticker books, and toy cars; tools used in an effort to maintain some semblance of reverence.  Unfortunately, my children's attention spans are a short as Tom Cruise.

The madness doesn't end when our church services do.  Once we get home, clothes need to be changed, lunches need to be made, and Cam needs to be put down for his nap.  I do all of this with lightening-fast speed, since everyone's sanity seems to go kaput at this point.

Today, I was in the middle of changing my clothes, hunting for Cam's nap time blankie, and getting Lilly more milk, when I trotted into the kitchen.  McHubby was there--quickly eating before leaving for a brief church assignment.

McHubby:  Are you going to wear that?
Me:  What?  What do you mean?
McHubby:  I mean, is that your outfit?  Are you going to wear that for the rest of the day?

I looked down and saw my favorite Beatles t-shirt, coupled with my black leggings.  (Side note:  I wore a terrific red dress to church today; accented with black and white polka dot trim.  I wore leggings underneath the dress.  The same leggings I was wearing in the kitchen, with my shirt that barely touched my hips.)

Me, a little surprised and laughing:  Oh my gosh!  I was in the middle of changing my clothes and I got distracted by the kids.  I didn't change my bottom half!
McHubby, smiling:  I wondered.
Me:  You know how I feel about leggings.  They are NOT a substitution for pants!
McHubby:  Yea, look like you're auditioning for Cats.

I watched his face as he began to laugh.  The way his eyes crinkled and shut.  The way he let an occasional snort slip out.  The way his shoulders shook just a bit.  Encouraged, I twirled around the kitchen and tried out some nifty ballet moves.  (That were not ballet at all!)  James chuckled and grinned, and I became keenly aware of how much I adore him...of how much I love him.

I'm so grateful for my man; that "Tom Cat" that makes me "purr."  ("Memory, all alone in the moonlight...")  I'm grateful for a partner who helps me laugh through our CRAZY, sweet, beautiful Sundays...and every day. 

I'm glad he's the one I get to share a pew with.


  1. aww what a cute post! Love it!

    Thanks a bunch for following me and for joining us on the hop!

    Here to return the love and to say HI!;)


  2. Found you through the Sunday Blog Hop! Cute post! I am almost imagine the look! I have gotten distracted too many times to count! I am your newest follower! I am at

  3. ok, im not even lying...not at all...just as i opened up your post, a commercial for the bissel sweeper was on...anddddd well, it mentioned your favorite word...the "p" word it "p'ed" the carpet LOLOL
    crazy huh?
    you and your hubby are so cute! you make a great pair!!
    i bet you rocked those leggings with just a t shirt!! :)
    happy monday to you!!

  4. Can I just say... I love this post :) What a loving, fun, playful relationship! You two are pretty lucky :)

  5. Hey my fave fab friend from Utah!! What a cute post, I bet your husband is feeling just as lucky to have you beside him on that pew as well :)
    (p.s. Hi Angie!! Aleisha, she is one awesome chick!)

  6. HAHAHAH! Isn't it wonderful when husbands remind of why you fell in love with them in the first place. Sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Super Stalker Sunday hop. There are several wonderful blogs participating this week, you're certain to find a few new favorites!

    I look forward to reading more from you!

    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

  7. I don't know what it is with church and children that just doesn't work. As soon as they catch a pew out of the corner of their eye they forget everything you've ever taught them about manners. I feel your pain! Love how adorable you and your hubbsy wubbsy are! And the Tom Cruise reference had me dying before I even got to the Cats reference. Haha!!

    Oh, and to complete my stalking of your blog, I now have your button on mine. Mwahaha!

  8. hahahahahha i so sympathize with you on the church front. my kids are a total nightmare! now, kris goes to sunday school, so it isn't too bad. but my 1 yr old, is a total MESS!

    btw, my husband always has to correct my fashion crisis's! i am always forgetting to change SOMETHING!

    love the post! you are an absolute riot!

  9. Great story! I'm so happy that you've found someone wonderful to spend your days with. My hubby makes my world go 'round too and I wouldn't have it any other way! :)

    Thanks so much for dropping by the Be-Bop-A Blog Hop! I'm a follower and I hope you'll stop by again soon! Have a great day! :)

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  11. Coming over from the Blog Hop... your family is precious!


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