My Good Things List

American writer, E. B. White (of Charlotte's Web fame), once said, "I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world.  This makes it hard to plan the day."

Isn't that terrific?!

Lately, I have been making more of an effort to "enjoy the world."  I've been looking for the joy in my life; acknowledging to the heavens that I am blessed with good and wondrous things.  All of us have good things in our lives, and the good things make us happy.

Though life can be challenging and painful, it can be beautiful too.  And as a truly extraordinary man once said, "Happiness is the object and design of our existence..."  It's a big part of who we are and why we are here.  We are meant to be happy.    We are joy! 

I've decided to more fully enjoy my little corner of the world by recognizing and appreciating "the good things" in it.  Here's what made me happy this week; my good things:

--Singing Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" with McHubby, totally impromptu and off key.  (It wasn't pretty!)

--Having my hair colored the day after I discovered six white hairs atop my head.  (SIX honest-to-goodness old lady hairs, people!!  Eek!)
--Emails from Aussies and cool chicks in Phoenixville, PA.
--Pepsi Max, on the rocks, with a slice of lime.
--Talking on the phone with my cutie pie brother, Tyler, on his birthday.

--My new Halloween candy bowl, with vintage "horror flick" posters printed on it.  (AWESOME!)
--Dancing to Maroon 5's, "Moves Like Jagger," in my kitchen...and making Cam laugh while doing it!
--Lots of hugs and kisses from the McKiddos.  

What about you?  What made your "good things list" this week?

(Remember to enjoy the world, lovely people, wherever you are!)


  1. That last pic had me cracking up!! Ha ha! You only found 6 white hairs? Whatever. I seriously have dozens on my head and new ones popping up daily! It's so scary!!!!! Ha ha ha! :) Thanks for the reminder to look for the good. I needed that today!
    Love you!

  2. You and your hubby are too cute!! Well! My hubby just finished working 12 days straight and we all 3 spent the day together! That was my good thing!! Fun post friend!

  3. I could knit you a sweater with all the grey hair I've found on my head. ..a sweater?? Ok, maybe the sweater is a bad idea. The point is, 6 is nothing. I love that quote! And I love this post! :)

  4. Well I just wanna come and live with you!! Your smile is contagious and you look like so much fun!!! How cool was Rick Astley in the day, you had me singing that song and why I still know the tune is beyond me lol
    What wonderful blessings in your week, especially those emails, what cool people they must be!!??
    YOU would make my list for the beautiful things in my week, thankyou muchly for all of your comments xoxo

  5. aww aleisha, i LOVE this post, as always! it sang to me! you know, i totally was just driving a bit ago, thinking to myself..."the past few days have been so wonderful...i've really been taking them in" isn't that what it's all about!? it is such a battle some days/months/years...but it is slowly getting better...and i think that we choose what attitude to take for the day!
    there's so much to say about your lovely post.
    *love the photo of you and your hubby. you guys are adorable together. you are beautiful.
    *i totally dance in my car whenever "moves like jagger" comes on. then i daydream about going home and putting on some semi hoochie/semi classy outfit and some bright red lipstick, just like miss aguilera
    *love your funny face pics always...if we were closer, i KNOW we would make for some amazing crazy face pics
    *thank you for the shout out!! :)
    *thinking of you and wishing you a VERY HAPPY OCTOBER!! *one of the best months of the year*
    lots of LOVE to you pretty lady!

  6. Love your story. Your daughter is a doll and boy can I relate to all that....however, you have a little more months on me. I'm a mommie "again" raising my grandson.
    Please follow back if you wish. Thanks!

  7. New follower! you had me at your intro about how you get through your day. Diet Coke. I completely understand except Diet Dr Pepper.


  8. What a good idea! I really need to stop and enjoy the good things too!

    New follower from the Monday Blog Hop.

  9. amen! It's such a good thing to sit back and be thankful for everything in your life, even the simple little things :)

    ps Popping over from Makes My Monday.

  10. Monday Makers the lot of 'em!!!!! Thank you so much for the glimpses of your gratefulness and for linking up with Makes My Monday!

  11. Singing in the kitchen is the best!

  12. Newest follower from MBC! Hope you can visit and follow me back:)



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