And to think...

One day this young, awkward, painfully dorky, frizzy-haired, "eyebrows like Peter Gallagher," fifteen-year-old girl (wearing a shirt with cows on it???  looking like a zombie from "Night of the Living Dead???") will be charged with the bearing, nurturing, and raising of the future generation...


(But not as scary as those brows, right?!  Yikers!)


  1. hi! following through the blog hop! you've got a great site here!

  2. Peter Gallagher!!! HAHAHA!!! I think you need to bring the cow shirt back though. That's a style that never should have gone away. I myself had some farm animal clothing. Remember when faux guy's boxers were in for a minute in the early 90's? I would wear them for gym class in school. I had sheep, ducks, chicks, penguins (not a farm animal but still counts), pigs, cows...and of course peace signs because it was the early 90's. Hair scrunchy around wrist? Check. Frizzy weird poof bangs? Check. I was awesome. Not as awesome as you, and not even close to as awesome as Peter Gallagher, but close.

    Btw, you should get a copy of the restraining order I have out on you next week. You are not allowed to set foot in PA. The perps and I talked it over though, and decided that we can still be blog friends. *high five*
    (Totally kidding! Stalk away, my friend. Stalk away.)

  3. This is hilarious!

    Following from the FNF hop! Great blog! Check us out if you get a chance!

  4. Now THAT'S how I remember you! ;) Luvs!

  5. LOL! Stopping by to say hello from the Footloose and Fancy Free hop.

  6. Um, this is NO JOKE.............I seriously had a cow obsession in high school. LOLLLLLLL!!!! I am going to have to find pictures and post them for you. LOLLLLLLLL!!!! And I had eyebrows the size of Texas!!!! Love this post!!

  7. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH i DID NOTTTT expect the next photo to be one of mr peter man! hahahahaha your are soo stinkin' funny! and i love your picture from years ago!! seriously, i do! my friend took the scariest funny pictures of me today. i don't look human in them.
    i hope your day was a wonderful one girlfriend!
    thinking of you!!
    maria <3

  8. You are so funny. I know I have photos at my parents house that I need to see for a good laugh, my Auqa Net hot pink leggings with a kitten on a t-shirt (just as bad as a cow)kind of pics.
    And yes those eyebrows have always sort of creeped me out, good God your rich have them waxed, at least for the movies. lol
    Thank you for your kind words at Bacon Time, they mean a lot, and thank you for linking up too.

  9. Hi I'm your new follower with GFC from the FNF hop. Check out my sites, maybe you'll like to follow back. I like the scary photo.

  10. Glad you showed the eyebrows who was boss!

    Hopping by from Lots' of Lovin' Weekend Hop. I am your newest GFC follower. I hope you can stop by and follow back. Debs Dealz and I host a daily blog hop. Check it out at

    Hope to see you:0)

  11. LOL! You are too cute! I'm a new follower. I would love it if you would check my blog out and follow back!

  12. Hahaha I LOVE it! Good times at EFY ;) We sure did have a blast, didn't we? Although obviously not much sleep was had. Love you!


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