LillyBob Birthday Bash, Pt. Deux

Ode To Lilly
(By her mother, Aleisha)

My little girl has big, brown eyes
and a beautiful, goofy grin.
Spend one afternoon with her
and your heart she will surely win.

She has a silly laugh.
She has an adorable nose.
She wants golden hair like Rapunzel.
She prances through the house on her toes.

Dora the Explorer is pretty nice,
all the Disney princesses are swell.
But if you ask her what she'd like to watch,
“SpongeBob SquarePants” is what she'll yell!

You won't catch her eating green beans,
she'll refuse a tomato too.
Want to know her favorite food?
Tacos! They make her swoon.

She adores her grandmas and grandpas,
she thinks rowdy boys are weird.
She enjoys playing in the bathtub,
she makes the coolest bubble beard!

She's a very good big sister
to baby brother, Cam.
She makes us laugh with her funny antics,
she really is quite the ham.

She enjoys visiting the playground,
and Squinkies are her favorite toy.
She is like blue skies and sunshine to us,
and she brings our family joy.
I'm blessed to have her in my life,
Without her, what would I do?!
And so, today,
I'll stop and say,
Lilly Mae, I LOVE YOU!


  1. That is the cutest. For some reason I did start off trying to sing the words to the Spongebob song. I couldn't figure it out for a minute. The Rideout's love little Miss Lilly.

  2. That is the cutest poem ever! So sweet. She is such a cutie. Happy birthday to your little one! Looks like she had a fund party. Love the cake.

  3. Cute! That's really sweet you wrote such a poem for her. Happy Birthday to her!

  4. sounds like a beautiful little girl who's have a wonderful birthday

  5. Happy Birthday LillyBob!!! You have an extremely cool mummy :)

  6. Btw, it's so awesome to hear you on this video!! In real life format :)

  7. Love what you wrote for Lilly.
    Hugs to your cute family. claudia

  8. That's so sweet I can hardly stand it :)

  9. That is so beautiful!! And that cake looks devine!

  10. I just read your about me page that you linked up. You look so much like your mom! Beautiful :) I loved reading it. Thanks!

  11. so sweet! New follower from the Tiggerific Tuesday hop.

  12. That was so cute! Her birthday party looked like so much fun! Sponge bob....awesome!

  13. HOW SWEET!! i love that you wrote a poem, aleisha! and it was of course, beautiful! how excited do all those kids and lilly look!?! love it! such a cute video!
    that cake looks yummy.
    i love the picture of her and a friend hugging. i always love seeing that. it reminds me of me and my friends when we were little.
    you sure know how to throw a party!
    hope your wednesday is a happy one!
    maria <3

  14. Aww this is beautiful! Happy birthday!

  15. Hi! I'm your newest follower from the blog hop! Happy Birthday to your little girl...I adored your poem SO much! My little girl just turned 2 on the 13th!

    Hoping you follow me back:

  16. Great blog! New follower, Id love a follow back

  17. How sweet! I'm a new fan. Following via GFC. Playing Blog hop tag, YOU'RE IT! Tag me back at: and on facebook


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