Sunday Night Drive

Tonight, we loaded our children into the car and went for a Sunday drive.  We would have preferred a brisk stroll, but our plans were thwarted when the wind ushered charcoal-gray clouds into our side of the valley.  We watched as the sky darkened, threatening rain.  We knew a drive would be a better option.

I frequently have the best conversations with Lilly while we are driving around the city; running errands, going to play dates, visiting the library.  Our chats are often humorous (like the time she told me about the cute boy in her preschool class) or deeply poignant (like the time she told me she watched my wedding from heaven).  Our "transportation talks" (as I like to call them) are quickly becoming one of my favorite pastimes.

Tonight was no exception.  As the wind whipped around our car, and an occasional raindrop splattered across our windshield, Lilly started reflecting on Jesus.

"Jesus gives us everything," she said.

"That's right," I answered, contentedly, as I laid my head on my seat's headrest.

"He gave us our bodies.  And our house."

"Yes," replied James, from behind the wheel.  "And He gave us our friends."

"And our families!," Lilly said, excitedly.

And thus began a tender, fifteen-minute conversation with Lilly, in which she recounted all the things she has to be grateful for; a "gifts from Jesus" list.  Her glorious list included:

Beds.  Toys.  Oceans.  Trees.   Mountains.  Space.  All the planets.  Ears.  Eyes.  Our hearts.  Feet.  Shoes.  Clothing.  Knees.  Arms.  Cars.  Rain.  Snow.  Clouds.  Sunshine.  Animals.  Strawberry Shortcake.  Our brains.  Food.  Juice boxes.  Toes.  Babies.  Teachers.  Music.  Mouths.  Teeth.  Stars.  Playgrounds.  Roads.  Flowers.  Grass.  The moon.     

With my favorites being:

Nostrils, so we can breathe.  L-Bones (she means "elbows"), so we can bend our arms.

Later, as I prepared to retire to my bed (thank you, Jesus, for my bed...I am a VERY tired mom), I thought about our Sunday drive--our family's uplifting "transportation talk"--and awarded it the "best part of the day."  Ah, the moments when being a mother is so, so, so fulfilling.  The more I pondered, the more I noticed the telltale lump forming at the back of my throat that always precedes the onset of tears.  I felt my heart swell with genuine "mama love," until it felt as though it was about to burst in my chest.  I recognized the spirit of gratitude at my core and--inspired by my daughter--created my own "gifts from Jesus" list:




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  2. "like the time she told me she watched my wedding from heaven"


    This is so sweet. Kids are amazing. :-)

  3. I like that picture!
    So precious.

    By the way, I'm your very first follower via GFC from Friday Blog Hop.
    Please feel free to visit my blog. Looking forward to seeing you there, and hope you follow me back. Thanks!

  4. Kids are awesome! bring a smile to my face just hearing them talk

  5. omygoodness, how sweet it is this post!! i smiled and laughed as always! ("she watched my wedding from heaven")too cute!!
    i always feel like my driving time or time in the car is some of the best thinking and sorting-it-all-out-time. there's something about a drive, whether behind the wheel or not, that gets your emotions going. it makes you aware of everything.
    lilly certainly picked some amazing things to thank jesus for!
    nostrils....hahahahaha love it!!
    hey, we need to breathe, right?!! i love that she said, "jesus gives us everything" have beautiful children, inside and out!
    i hope you got some rest and woke up to a bright and sunny monday!
    love the picture!! there's so much love in it!!!
    happy monday, aleisha <3

  6. heehee- she's so dang cute! i just want to kiss her face off! ;)

  7. You are such an amazing mama. I love Mama Leisha!

  8. I simply love how children remind us of all the many many small things that we've forgotten to be grateful for.

  9. I LOVE reading your blog! This was so special. It shows what great teachers you and James are. Sometimes you wonder if the things you say are being heard but this shows that they are. Hugs, Claudia

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  12. Love love love this! :) My son stood up for his school's Thanksgiving program and told everyone that he thanks Jesus for toilets. Yep. An excellent thing to be thankful for, but inappropriate. Haha

  13. kids come up with the darnedest things! what a wonderful picture!


  14. By the way, I gave you a blog award. Come on over and get it.

  15. absolutely beautifully written. i love those conversations, and i count myself so lucky to be a mamma to these crazy kids of mine. they are so good hearted, and are such a blessing <3 i love the pic at the end of the post. and i love that your daughter calls elbows "L-Bones" :)


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